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Manassas I: Confederate Order of Battle

Army of Northern Virginia (Confederate Army of the Potomac)

Brigadier General P.G.T. Beauregard



  • First Brigade: Brigadier General Milledge L. Bonham
    11th North Carolina - Colonel W.W. Kirkland
    2nd South Carolina - Colonel J.B. Kershaw
    3rd South Carolina - Colonel J.H. Williams
    7th South Carolina - Colonel T.G. Bacon
    8th South Carolina - Colonel E.G.R. Cash
    Alexandria Light Artillery - Captain D. Kemper
    8th Louisiana - Colonel H.B. Kelly
    1st Company, Richmond Howitzers - Captain J.C. Shields
    30th Virginia Cavalry - Colonel R.C.W. Radford

Radford Rangers -  Captain W. Radford
Botetourt Dragoons - Captain A. L. Pitzer
Hanover Light Dragoons - Captain W. C. Wickham
Fairfax Cavalry - Captain E. B. Powell

Lieutenant Colonel W. Munford's Squadron

Black Horse Troop - Captain W. H. Payne
Chesterfield Light Dragoons - Captain W. B. Ball
Franklin Rangers - Captain G. W. H. Hale


  • Second Brigade: Brigadier General Richard S. Ewell
    5th Alabama - Colonel R.E. Rodes
    6th Alabama - Colonel J.J. Seibels
    6th Louisiana - Colonel J.G. Seymour
    Washington Artillery, 1st Company - Captain T.L. Rosser
    Cavalry Battalion, Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Jenifer
  • Third Brigade: Brigadier General D. R. Jones
    17th Mississippi - Colonel W.S. Featherson
    18th Mississippi - Colonel E.B. Burt
    5th South Carolina - Colonel M. Jenkins
    Appomattox Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry - Captain J.W. Flood
    Washington Artillery, 2nd Company- Captain M.B. Miller
  • Fourth Brigade: Brigadier General James Longstreet
    5th North Carolina - Lieutenant Colonel J. P. Jones
    1st Virginia - Major F.G. Skinner
    11th Virginia - Colonel S. Garland
    17th Virginia - Colonel M.D. Corse
    24th Virginia - Colonel P. Hairston
    Washington Artillery, 3rd Company - Lieutenant J.J. Garnett
    Amherst Mounted Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry - Captain E. Whitehead
  • Fifth Brigade: Colonel P. St. George Cocke
    8th Virginia - Colonel E. Hunton
    18th Virginia - Colonel R.E. Withers
    19th Virginia - Lieutenant Colonel J.B. Strange
    28th Virginia - Colonel R.T. Preston
    49th Virginia Battalion - Colonel W. ("Extra Billy") Smith
    Loudoun Artillery - Captain A.L. Rogers
    Lynchburg Artillery - Captain H.G. Latham
    Wise Troop - Captain J. S. Langhorne
  • Sixth Brigade: Colonel Jubal A. Early
    7th Louisiana - Colonel H.T. Hays
    13th Mississippi - Colonel W. Barksdale
    7th Virginia - Colonel J.L. Kemper
    Washington Artillery, 4th Company - Lieutenant C.W. Squires, J.B. Richardson & J.B. Whittington
  • Seventh Brigade: Colonel Nathan G. Evans
    1st Special Louisiana Battalion - Major C.R. Wheat (W)
    4th South Carolina - Colonel J.B.E. Sloan
    Campbell Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry - Captain J.D. Alexander
    Clay Dragoons, 30th Virginia Cavalry - Captain W.R. Terry
  • Reserve Brigade: Brigadier General Theophilus H. Holmes
    1st Arkansas - Colonel J.F. Fagan
    2nd Tennessee - Colonel W. Bate
    Purcell Artillery - Captain L. Walker
    Hampton's South Carolina Legion (6 Cos.) - Colonel W. Hampton (W), Captain J. Conner
    Camp Picken's Battery - Captain Sterrett

Army of the Shenandoah

General Joseph E. Johnston

  • First Brigade: Brigadier General Thomas J. Jackson (W)
    2nd Virginia - Colonel J.W. Allen
    4th Virginia - Colonel J.F. Preston
    5th Virginia - Colonel K. Harper
    27th Virginia - Lieutenant Colonel J. Echols
    33rd Virginia (8 Cos.) - Colonel A.C. Cummings
    Rockbridge Artillery - Captain J. P. Brockenbrough
  • Second Brigade: Colonel Francis Bartow (K)
    7th Georgia - Colonel L.J. Gartrell
    8th Georgia - Lieutenant Colonel W.M. Gardner (W)
    Wise Artillery - Lieutenant J.  Pelham
  • Third Brigade: Brigadier General Barnard E. Bee (K)
    4th Alabama - Colonel E. Jones (K), Colonel S.R. Gist
    2nd Mississippi - Colonel W.C. Falkner
    11th Mississippi - (Cos. A&F) - Lieutenant Colonel P.F. Liddell
    6th North Carolina - Colonel C.F. Fisher (K)
    Staunton Artillery - Captain J. Imboden
  • Fourth Brigade: Brigadier General Edmund Kirby Smith (W), Colonel Arnold Elzey
    1st Maryland Battalion - Lieutenant Colonel G.H. Steuart
    3rd Tennessee - Colonel J.C. Vaughn
    10th Virginia - Colonel S.B. Gibbons
    Culpeper Artillery - Lieutenant R. F. Beckham
  • Not Brigaded:
    1st Virginia Cavalry - Colonel J.E.B. Stuart
    Thomas Artillery - Captain P.B. Stanard