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We believe in the importance of what we are presenting to you - an opportunity to build good character and to understand our nation’s past as the foundation for freedom and success of future generations of Americans.

As part of this mission, will be a common portal for students, educators, historians, re-enactors, and travelers.  We will provide the Internet’s most complete resource for objective information about the Civil War, allowing our visitors to fully explore the history of the era of the Civil War.

To achieve our goal we will present history accurately, exhibiting the triumphs and the tragedies, the good and the bad, the vices and virtues of this important time. We will also present the heroes and heroines, highlighting their contributions to our national heritage. We desire to bridge racial and geographic divisions and to create a virtual community that encourages debate and shared exploration of how our nation’s past impacts us today.

Through interactive educational tools and compelling primary sources, will bring American history to life.