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193 Series I Volume XXXVI-I Serial 67 - Wilderness-Cold Harbor Part I


and on the afternoon of the 21st, when about retiring from Spotsylvania, the enemy attacked in force and were handsomely repulsed by Russell's division. On the 23d, on reaching the North Anna near the railroad crossing, Birney's divisions, of the Second Corps,carried some advanced works the enemy held on the north bank, and secured intact the bridge of the Telegraph road. The Ninth Corps confronted and skirmished with the enemy at Ox Ford, while the Fifth, crossing at Jericho Ford, was attacked by the enemy, all of whose assault were repulsed. May 24, 25, and 26 were spent on the North Anna. The Second Corps on the left having two divisions on the south side, the Ninth Corps in the center with one division on the south side, and the Fifth and Sixth on the south side extending over to Little River and crossing the Central railroad. During this time portions of the Second, Fifth, and Sixth Corps were engaged destroying the Fredericksburg railroad and the Central Road.

On the 25th, the Cavalry Corps rejoined the army, Major-General Sheridan having successfully accomplished the object of the expedition for which he was detached. Leaving on the 9th of May, on the 10th he reached Beaver Dam Station of the Central road, destroying 10 miles of the road, 2 locomotives, 3 trains a large amount of stores, estimated at over 1,500,000 rations, overtaking and recapturing about 400 of our men, who were being marched to richmond as prisoners. Crossing the South Anna at Ground Squirrel Bridge, Ashland Station was captured at daylight of the 11th of May, and the depot, 6 miles of the road, a train, and large quantity of stores destroyed. Hearing the enemy was massing his cavalry at the Yellow tavern, General Sheridan proceeded there, and attacked, and after an obstinate battle drove the enemy 4 miles, mortally wounding Generals Stuart and Gordon, capturing 2 pieces of artillery and taking between 200 and 300 prisoners. Having gained the Brook pike, a force charged across Brook Run, capturing the enemy's first line of works, but desisted from attacking the second line across the Mechanicsville pike. Crossing the Meadow Bridge, driving the enemy from his front, and repulsing an attack on his rear of infantry from the city, Sheridan proceeded to destroy the railroad bridge over the Chickahominy, and then moved to Haxall's Landing, which he reached on the 14th of May. Remaining here three days to refit, he started on his return on the 17th, reached Baltimore Store on the 18th; on the 21st, destroyed two bridges and some track near Hanover Court-House, encountered and drove the enemy's cavalry across the Chickahominy on the 21st, and crossed the Pamunkey, at White House, on the 23rd May, reaching Milford and rejoining the army on the 25th May. On the 26th, Wilson's division crossed the North Anna, above Jericho Ford, and assisted the infantry in destroying the Central road. On the night of the 26th May Sheridan, with two divisions of cavalry, supported by Russell's division, Sixth Corps, moved down the Pamunkey, and by noon on the 27th seized the crossing at Hanovertown and threw a bridge there.

On the 27th and 28th, the army moved and crossed the Pamunkey; the Fifth and Ninth Corps at Hanovertown, the Second and Sixth at Hundley's Ford. On the 28th, Sheridan had a sharp engagement with the enemy's cavalry, meeting them at Haw's Shop, but driving them back to the crossing of the Totopotomoy, where he maintained his position till relieved by the Second Corps. On the 29th,