Today in History:

182 Series I Volume XXXVI-I Serial 67 - Wilderness-Cold Harbor Part I


Return of Casulaties in the Union forces, &c.- Continued.


Lieutenant Daniel Layton, 22nd Cavalry.

Lieutenant Jeremiah R. Morrison, 2nd Mounted Rifles.

Captain Michael O'Brien, 2nd Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Marcus Kenyon, 2nd Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant William H. Riff, 2nd Heavy Artillery.

Colonel Lewis h. Barclay, 7th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Charles S. Evans, 7th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Thomas J. McClure, 7th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant John B. Read, 7th Heavy Artillery.

Colonel Peter A. Porter, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Captain Alex. Gardner, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Captain William J. Hawkins, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Arthur L. Chase, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Oliver M. Campbell, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant George W. Gladden, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Wallace B. Hard, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Fayette S. Brown, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Joseph S. Caldwell, 8th Heavy Artillery.

Captain Truman Gregory, 9th Heavy Artillery.

Captain Luther Kieffer, 14th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Elisha Bentley, 14th Heavy Artillery.

Lieutenant Charles De Mott, Battery D, 1st Light Artillery.

Lieutenant Colonel Cleveland Winslow, 5tth Infantry.

Captain Lawrence Murphy, 5th Infantry.

Lieutenant Constantine Weinberg, 5th Infantry.

Lieutenant Theodore Markscheffel, 46th Infantry.

Lieutenant Aaron H. Ingraham, 48th Infantry.

Captain Isaac Plumb, 61st Infantry.

Lieutenant Joel C. Perrington, 61st Infantry.

Major Wilson Hubbell, 62nd Infantry.

Captain Alexander M. McCune, 74th Infantry.

Captain Willard W. Ballard, 81st Infantry.

Captain James Martin, 81st Infantry.

Lieutenant John W. Burke, 81st Infantry.

Lieutenant Michael Keating, 82nd Infantry.

Lieutenant James E. Byrnes, 88th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Anderson, jr., 92nd Infantry.

Colonel Edward Pye, 95th Infantry.

Captain James L. Cray, 96th Infantry.

Captain John Hallock, 96th Infantry.

Lieutenant John G. Johnson, 96th Infantry.

Lieutenant Stephen B. Little, 96th Infantry.

Lieutenant Joseph South, 96th Infantry.

Lieutenant Paul Vigeau, 96th Infantry.

Lieutenant John Koch, 97th Infantry.

Colonel Frederick F. Wead, 98th Infantry.

Captain Lyman A. Rogers, 98th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Townsend, 106th Infantry.

Lieutenant James H. Bayne, 106th Infantry.

Lieutenant Aaron B. Blackman, 106th Infantry.

Lieutenant Charles W. Sheppard, 106th Infantry.

Lieutenant John S. Kinleyside, 108th Infantry.

Colonel Jeremiah C. Drake, 112th Infantry.

Captain John G. Palmeter, 112th Infantry.

Lieutenant Gordon L. Pierce, 112th Infantry.

Lieutenant Isaac H. Dann, 117th Infantry.

Lieutenant Michael Reynolds, 118th Infantry.

Lieutenant Frank M. Wooster, 122nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Abram Huntoon, jr., 126th Infantry.

Lieutenant Colonel Edgar Perry, 139th Infantry.

Captain S. Clark Beecher, 139th Infantry.

Lieutenant Hugh Chalmers, 146th Infantry.

Lieutenant Oscar M. Adams, 148th Infantry.

Lieutenant Reuben F. Scott, 148th Infantry.

Captain Benjamin Goodspeed, 151st Infantry.

Captain John C. Schoen, 151st Infantry.

Captain William S. Schuyler, 155th Infantry.

Lieutenant Richard B. Dumphey, 155th Infantry.

Colonel James P. McMahon, 164th Infantry.

Captain Thomas Hickley, 164th Infantry.

Captain William Maroney, 164th Infantry.

Lieutenant Joseph S. Abraham, 164th Infantry.

Lieutenant Robert Boyle, 164th Infantry.

Lieutenant Edward McCaffrey, 164th Infantry.

Lieutenant James M. Reddy, 164th infantry.

Colonel McConihe, 169th Infantry.

Captain Edward K. Butler, 182nd Infantry.

Captain John H. Nugent, 182nd Infantry.


Lieutenant Samuel J. Evans, 60th Infantry.

Lieutenant James Hartley, 122nd Infantry.

Lieutenant Henry Hixon, 126th Infantry.