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101 Series I Volume XXXVI-I Serial 67 - Wilderness-Cold Harbor Part I


Numbers 114. - Lieutenant Colonel William A. Throop, First Michigan Infantry.

Numbers 115. - Captain Guy W. Fuller, Sixteenth Michigan Infantry.

Numbers 116. - Major Edward B. Knox, Forty-fourth New York Infantry.

Numbers 117. - Lieutenant Colonel De witt C. McCoy, Eighty-third Pennsylvania Volunteers.

Numbers 118. - Lieutenant Colonel Charles P. Herring, One hundred and eighteenth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 119. - Brigadier General John C. Robinson, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division of operations May 3-8.

Numbers 120. - Itinerary of the First Brigade, May 3-30.

Numbers 121. - Colonel Richard Coulter, Eleventh Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding Second Brigade, of operations May 3-9.

Numbers 122. - Colonel Richard N. Bowerman, Fourth Maryland Infantry, commanding, Third Brigade, of operations May 8-23.

Numbers 123. - Colonel Samuel A. Graham, Purnell Legion, Maryland Infantry, Commanding Second Brigade (late Third Brigade).

Numbers 124. - Colonel Richard N. Bowerman, Fourth Maryland Infantry.

Numbers 125. - Brigadier General Samuel W. Crawford, U. S. Army, commanding Third Division, of operations May 18.

Numbers 126. - Captain Joseph B. Pattee, Tenth Pennsylvania Reserves, Chief of Pioneers, of operations May 21-22.

Numbers 127. - Lieutenant Colonel Michael Wiedrich, Fifteenth New York Heavy Artillery, Independent Brigade (late First Brigade, Artillery Reserve.)

Numbers 128.- Brigadier General Lysander Cutler, U. S. Army, commanding Fourth Division

Numbers 129. - Captain Frank H. Cowdrey, Assistant Adjutant-General, U. S. Army of operations of Fourth Division May 5-6.

Numbers 130.- Itinerary of the First Brigade.

Numbers 131. -Major Merit C. Welsh, Seventh Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 132. - Lieutenant Colonel Rufus R. Dawes, Sixth Wisconsin Infantry, of operations May 7-25.

Numbers 133. - Colonel J. William Hofmann, Fifty-sixth Pennsylvania Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 134. - Captain James E. Baily, Third Delaware Infantry, of operations May 29-June 7.

Numbers 135. - Captain Alphons Serviere, Forty-sixth New York Infantry, of operations May 30-June 12.

Numbers 136. - Lieutenant Colonel John E. Cook, Seventy-sixth New York Infantry.

Numbers 137. - Major Robert W. Bard, Ninety-fifth New York Infantry.

Numbers 138. - Lieutenant Colonel George Harney, One hundred and forty-seventh New York Infantry.

Numbers 139. - Major John T. Jack, Fifty-sixth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 140. - Captain Thomas E. Carter, One hundred and fifty-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry, of operations June 1-July 30.

Numbers 141. - Brigadier General Edward S. Bragg, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 142. - Colonel Charles S. Wainwright, First New York Light Artillery, commanding Artillery Brigade.

Numbers 143. - Lieutenant Robert E. Rogers, Battery B, First New York Light Artillery.

Numbers 144. - Lieutenant Lester I. Richardson, Battery D, First New York Light Artillery.

Numbers 145. - Captain Charles E. Mink, Battery H, First New York Light Artillery.

Numbers 146. - Lieutenant Charles L. Anderson, Battery L, First New York Light Artillery.

Numbers 147. - Itinerary of the Sixth Army Corps.

Numbers 148.- Major Henry R. Dalton, Assistant Adjutant-General, U. S. Army, of operations of First Division.

Numbers 149. - Itinerary of the First Brigade.

Numbers 150. - Captain Baldwin Hufty, Fourth New Jersey Infantry.