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100 Series I Volume XXXVI-I Serial 67 - Wilderness-Cold Harbor Part I


Numbers 76.-Lieutenant Colonel John Schoonover, Eleventh New Jersey Infantry, of operations May 4-20.

Numbers 77.-Colonel Robert McAllister, Eleventh New Jersey Infantry, of operations May 21-June 12.

Numbers 78.-Captain Thomas C. Godfrey, Fifth New Jersey Infantry.

Numbers 79.-Captain Thomas C. Thompson, Seventh New Jersey Infantry.

Numbers 80.-Itinerary of the Fourth Brigade, May 3-31.

Numbers 81.-Lieutenant Colonel Michael W. Burns, Seventy-third New York Infantry.

Numbers 82.-Lieutenant Colonel George Zinn, Eighty-fourth Pennsylvania Infantry.

Numbers 83.-Colonel John C. Tidball, Fourth New York Heavy Artillery, commanding Artillery Brigade.

Numbers 84.-Captain Edwin B. Dow, Sixth Maine Battery.

Numbers 85.-Captain J. Henry Sleeper, Tenth Massachusetts Battery.

Numbers 86.-Captain Frederick M. Edgell, First New Hampshire Battery.

Numbers 87.-Captain A. Godson Clark, Battery B, First New Jersey Light Artillery, of operations May 12-June 11.

Numbers 88.-Captain Nelson Aces, Battery G, First New York Light Artillery.

Numbers 89.-Captain John B. Vade Wield, Fourth New York Heavy Artillery.

Numbers 90.-Captain James H. Wood, Fourth New York Heavy Artillery, commanding Mortar Battery, of operations June 1-11.

Numbers 91.-Captain John E. Burton, Eleventh New York Battery.

Numbers 92.-Captain George F. McKnight, Twelfth New York Battery.

Numbers 93.-Captain R. Bruce Ricketts, Battery F, First Pennsylvania Light Artillery.

Numbers 94.-Captain T. Fred. Brown, Battery B, First Rhode Island Light Artillery.

Numbers 95.-Lieutenant John W. Roder, Battery K, Fourth U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 96.-Lieutenant James Gilliss, Batteries C and I, Fifth U. S. Artillery.

Numbers 97.-Lieutenant Richard Metcalf, Fifth U. S. Artillery, commanding section, of operations May 12.

Numbers 98.-Journal of Major General Governeur K. Warren, U. S. Army, commanding Fifth Army Corps.

Numbers 99.-Itinerary of the Fifth Army Corps.

No. 100.-Captain William F. Drum, Second U. S. Infantry, Chief Ambulance Officer, including operations to June 30.

No. 101.-Itinerary of the First Division, Brigadier General Charles Griffin, U. S. Army, commanding.

No. 102.-Itinerary of the First Brigade, Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres, U. S. Army, commanding.

No. 103.-Major John D. Lentz, Ninety-first Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 104.-Colonel Alfred L. Pearson, One hundred and fifty-fifth Pennsylvania Infantry.

No. 105.-Lieutenant Colonel Joseph F. Ramsey, One hundred and eighty-seventh Pennsylvania Infantry, of operations June 5-7.

No. 106.-Colonel William S. Tilton, Twenty-second Massachusetts Infantry, Second Brigade.

No. 107.-Major Mason W. Burt, Twenty-second Massachusetts Infantry.

No. 108.-Major James A. Cunningham, Thirty-second Massachusetts Infantry.

No. 109.-Major Oliver B. Knowles, Twenty-first Pennsylvania Cavalry (dismounted), of operations June 1-12.

No. 110.-Brigadier General Joseph J. Bartlett, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade, of operations May 7.

No. 111.-Major Ellis Spear, Twentieth Maine Infantry.

No. 112.-Lieutenant Colonel William B. White, Eighteenth Massachusetts Infantry, of operations May 4-23.

No. 113.-Captain Benjamin F. Meservey, Eighteenth Massachusetts Infantry, of operations May 23-June 12.