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56 Series III Volume I- Serial 122 - Union Letters, Orders, Reports



DUBEQUE, IOWA, January 15, 1861.

Honorable JOSEPH HOLT,

Secretary of War:

DEAR SIR: At a meeting of the Governor's Greys, a regularly organized and fully equipped volunteer company of this city, a resolution was unanimously passed "that the services of the corps be tendered to the President of the United States for any service he may deem proper during the present insurrection at the South." As the captain of the corps, I have the honor herewith to make known to you the sentiments of my command. This will be forwarded you by the Governor of the State of Iowa.

I am, respectfully, yours,


Captain Governor's Greys.

SAINT MARY'S, January 24, 1861.


SIR: As our company is organized in your immediate vicinity, and as you know our sincere attachment to the Constitution and the Union, we would beg leave to request of you the favor to hand the inclosed to His Excellency the President. We hope that it will be favorably received and that we will be able to show our attachment to the Union by defending its institutions.

With the highest regard, we remain, your obedient servants,


Captain of the Elk Artillery Company Numbers 1, Benzinger Post- Office, Elk County, Pa.


ST. MARY'S, ELK COUNTY, PA., January 24, 1861.

His Excellency JAMES BUCHANAN,

President of the United States of America:

SIR: As we discover by the public prints and otherwise that a part of the South is about to secede, and that war with them is actually commenced, we would therefore beg leave to offer our services to Your Excellency--that is, as well my own humble services as the company over which I have the honor to preside as captain. We were organized and mustered into the service on the 15th of August last, and now number fifty men rank and file. We have as yet not received our arms or cannon, but are otherwise fully uniformed, and would be ready at a day's notice to march to the defense of the Constitution and to assist in upholding the Union. The majority of my company consist of German-born citizens, who have all sworn to uphold and support the Constitution,which oath they are now willing to seal with their services, and in tits defense are willing, if necessary, to sacrifice their blood or lives. If my offer of my services should be acceptable to Your Excellency, we will look for your orders to march soon. As I have already had to honor to fight under the glorious Stars and Stripes in the campaign in Mexico, I feel confident that our company would render good service to our beloved country.

I remain, with the highest regard, your obedient servant,


Captain of Elk Artillery Numbers 1, Benzinger Post-Office, Elk County, Pa.