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35 Series III Volume I- Serial 122 - Union Letters, Orders, Reports


ence to fortifications on that part of our sea-board under present political circumstances, I must add that the present state of the Treasure will probably be regarded as bearing strongly on the questions. We judge of this condition, however, only form the fate of requisitions for funds made by this office on the demand of officers in charge of works for the means fo prosecuting their labors. It will be seen by the statement herewith that several such demands have been unsatisfied for a month and more. This last remark refers, as you will see by the table, not alone to engineer operations at the South, but to those at the North and to those on the Pacific Coast as well. I am therefore obliged to inquire further whether it is necessary or proper, in your opinion, at once and for the present to restrict expenditures and engagements at all our fortifications.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brevet Brigadier-General and Colonel Engineers.


List of applications from the Engineer Department to the Secretary of War for remittances on account of fortifications and for the Military Academy which have not been complied with.

ENGINEER DEPARTMENT, January 10, 1861.

November 17, 1860.-Colonel R. Delafield, Military Academy, $4,500; Lieutenant J. B. McPherson, fort at Alcatraz Island, Cal., $5,000; Major H. Brewerton, Fort Carroll, Md., $5,000.

November 26.-Captain J. F. Gilmer, fort at Fort Point, CAl. $6,000./

December 1.-Lieutenant Colonel R. E. De Russy, Fort Calhoun, Va., $10,000; Lieutenant F. E. Prime, fort at Ship Island, Miss., $3,000; Fort Gaines, Ala., $2,000; Fort McRee, Fla., $1,000.

December 6.-Captain J. G. Foster, Fort Sumter, S. C., $10,000; Captain J. Newton, Fort Delaware, Del., $3,000.

December 10.-Lieutenant W. H. Stevens, fort at entrance to Galveton, Tex., $10,000; contingencies of fortifications, $950; Captain W. H. C. Whitting, Frot Clinch, Fla., $15,000.

December 12.-Major P. G. T. Beauregard, Fort Jackson, La., $10,000; Fort Saint Philip, La., $3,000; contingencies of fortifications, $170; Colonel R. Delafield, Military Academy, $5,250; Captain J. G. Foster, Fort Sumter, S. C./, $5,000.

December 17.-Lieutenant F. E. Prime, Fort Gaines, Ala., $8,000; Captain H. W. Benham, fort at Sandy Hook, N. J., $10,000; lieut. J. B. McPherson, fort at Alcatraz Island, Cal., $5,000.

December 21.-Major J. G. Barnard, Fort Richmond, N. Y., $1,000.

December 26.-Major J. G. Barnard, Fort Tompkins, N. Y., $1,000; Captain J. F. Gilmer, fort at Fort Point, Cal., $6,000.

January 9, 1861.-Lieutenant F. E. Prime, fort at Ship Island, Miss., $8,000; Major H. Brewerton, Fort Carroll, MD., $5,000.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, January 11, 1861.

Honorable SIMON CAMERON, Senate:

Honorable J. K. MOORHEAD, House of Representatives:

GENTLEMEN: In reply to the inquiry contained in your note of the 3rd instant, I have the honor ot state that the order direction the shipment of cannon from the Allegheny Arsenal to certain forts in the