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9 Series III Volume I- Serial 122 - Union Letters, Orders, Reports


I have no hopes of any favors from Colonel Craig, for in a conversation with a few months since I found him deadly opposed to the Virginia Armory.

We wish to use some of the armory patterns for the Richmond machinery, and the privilege of taking drawings of fixtures, tools, &c.

I desire that the Honorable Secretary issue an order to the superintendents of the Springfield and Harper's Ferry armories to give the master armorer of the Virginia State Armory and Joseph R. Anderson or his agent every facility they may need in said armories, at the same time not interfering with the legitimate business of the armory.

I desire to get all the assistance we can from the national armories before our much-honored and esteemed Secretary of War vacates his office, for I have no hopes of any assistance after a Black Republican takes possession of the War Department. Should the Honorable Secretary see fit to grant the request of the petitioner, I wish a copy of the order be sent to me at Springfield, Mass., as I shall be engaged here for a couple of months getting up a model gun for the State of Virginia.

Your humble servant,


Master Armorer State Armory Virginia.


ORDNANCE OFFICE, November 26, 1860.

Respectfully returned to the Secretary of War, with the report that this application is similar to that made by G. W. Randolph, esq., in which case I recommended, on the 24th instant, that the application be granted. It should be granted on the former application.


Captain of Ordnance.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, November 26, 1860.

His Excellency ISHAM G. GARRIS,

Governor of Tennessee, Nashville:

SIR: In reply tot he inquiry contained in your letter of the 20th instant, I have the honor to inform you that there are now due to Tennessee, on account of her quota for the present and previous years, arms to the value of 892 12\13 muskets, and that the quota for 1861 will become available on the 1st of January next.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, November 27, 1860.

B. G. LAMAR, Esq.,

48 University PLace, New York City:

SIR: In reply to yours of the 26th instant,* I have to say that by reference to my letter of the 24th instant you will find this sentence: "This sale covers all the arms that I am at liberty to sell." I presumed you would infer from the remark the Department had no other


*Not found.