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7 Series III Volume I- Serial 122 - Union Letters, Orders, Reports


Will you do me the favor to state the lowest price and terms of payment for 10,000 stand, with the privilege of taking 40,000 more on the same terms; and whether they can be delivered here immediately, or whether they must be received at Watervliet? The former would be preferred, if it causes no delay.

A prompt reply will be acceptable, by telegraph or otherwise.

Very respectfully,


P. S.-I presume they are all packed, ready for transportation.

PRIVATE.] TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, J. R. ANDERSON & CO., Richmond, November 21, 1860.

Governor FLOYD:

DEAR SIR: For a year or more I have had on hand a large quantity of gun-iron which I had reason to except we would convert into guns for the Government, having contracted to make to the extent of $20,000. In the present state of things this burden has almost worn me down, and in view of the present aspect of things I do not think it is likely that the Government will ever receive a gun from me after the 4th of March next. Under these circumstances, seeing than I could to prepare and make these guns after the necessary experiments by that time, I take the liberty of making a last request of you during your official term, viz, to let us make our order by casting solid.

Yours, truly,


Wont's you do me the favor to answer this request, as it is of the highest importance in the threatening aspect of commercial matters that we should be able to make this large fund to some extent available?

WAR DEPARTMENT, Washington, November 24, 1860.

G. B. LAMAR, Esq.,

New York:

SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 21st instant, and in reply have to say that I have directed 10,000 altered percussion muskets to be delivered at Waterviliet Arsenal to you, on your order, on payment of $2.50 each for the same. This sale covers all the arms that I am at liberty to sell.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War.

EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, Milledgeville, Ga., November 24, 1860.

Honorable JOHN B. FLOYD,

Secretary of War, Washington, D. C.:

SIR: Being desirous of having manufactured in Georgia a supply for the State of certain military equipments, I am compelled again to trespass upon your kindness to ask of you the favor to help me in some