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3 Series III Volume I- Serial 122 - Union Letters, Orders, Reports


for the advance upon the next year's quota, I hope, therefore, will arise, and especially as you are personally aware of the urgency of our necessities.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,



ORDNANCE OFFICE, Washington, November 3, 1860.

Honorable JOHN B. FLOYD,

Secretary of War:

SIR: In answer to the letter of General Richardson of the 1st instant, referred to this office for a report, I have the honor to state that the State of Virginia, as fully communicated to General Richardson in my letter to him of the 15th of September last, in charged with its full quota for 1862. The 120 rifled muskets and accouterments referred to by General Richardson were at first charged to the State, but it having been subsequently ascertained that they had not been issued, and that 120 Hall rifles had been supplied in their stead, the State received credit for the 120 rifled muskets and accouterments. This matter was fully explained to General Richardson in my letters to him of the 26th of July and 10th of August last. There is no evidence in this office that the 120 hall files have been returned to the armory. When information shall have been received of their return in good, serviceable condition, they will be credited to the State. The issue to Colonel Davis of 120 long-range rifles with sword bayonets was made by the orders of this office-60 of them on the requisition of General Richardson of the 5th of November last, and 60 order of Governor Wise. The 200 rifled muskets were issued to Colonel Davis on the requisition of Governor Wise. All these issues having been regularly reported as made to the State, I entertain no doubt as to their correctness. As it appears from General Richardson's letter that the 187 rifled muskets and accouterments ordered in June last remain still undrawn, I deem it but proper, with a view to keep the issues to the State within the limit of the quota of 1861, to reduce their issue to 42 rifled muskets and accouterments. If the 120 Hall rifles herein referred to are returned to the United States, the State will then be entitled, in addition to the 42 rifled muskets and accouterments, to 156 5\13 muskets, being equivalent to 112 rifled muskets and accouterments.

The letter of General Richardson is herewith returned.

Respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel of Ordnance.

RICHMOND, November 3, 1860.

Honorable JOHN B. FLOYD, Secretary of War:

SIR: I am instructed by the armory board of commissioners of Virginia to make the following requests of the War Department:

First. That we shall be allowed to purchase form the Government 5,000 muskets altered from flint-lock to percussion, and said to be for sale at $2.50 apiece. Our necessity for these isimmediate, in consequence of the small number of arms in the State and the rumors of