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2 Series III Volume I- Serial 122 - Union Letters, Orders, Reports


ADJUTANT-GENERAL'S OFFICE, Richmond, Va., November 1, 1860.

Honorable JOHN B. FLOYD,

Secretary of War:

SIR: I am instructed by the Governor of Virginia to inform you that there exists in this State an extended and daily increasing apprehension of insecurity and danger, resulting, among other causes, form manifestations of domestic insubordination; that he feels it necessary for protection and security to arm the volunteer corps in particular localities with better arms than we have now at command, and for that purpose requests that you will authorize an advance to the State immediately of a number of the original army percussioned muskets, with accouterments, equivalent to the quota of arms which may be due to the State under the act of Congress of 1808 for the year 1861, estimated by the under the act of Congress of 1808 for the year 1861, estimated by the Colonel of Ordnance at about 682 muskets. This would not be asked except under the pressure of extraordinary circumstances. I am further instructed to say that the money value of the arms shall be promptly paid to the United States of Congress shall so require, or the arms returned in kind of equal value so soon as they can be fabricated at the armory of the State now going into operation.

If this request be complied with, an immediate delivery of the arms will be desirable. It is proper to state that there are some discrepancies in the account between the State of Virginia and the United States, growing out of irregularities during the excitement form the capture of the Government works at Harper's Ferry last fall, which have not yet been adjusted; that there is an order in the hands of the proper officer at Harper's Ferry Arsenal in favor of the State for the delivery of 187 rifled muskets and appendages, with accouterments, which by reason of the discrepancies in account have not been drawn, and which will not be drawn in the event of a compliance with the above request for an advance of the smooth-bore muskets; that on the 26th October, 1869, the State is charged with a requisition in favor of Colonel j. T. Gibson, of Jefferson County, with 120 rifled muskets and accouterments, equal to 167 4\13 muskets, which in fact were not drawn by that officer, who in lieu of them received a like number of Hall rifles on loan, as he states, from the superintendent. These Hall arms Colonel Gibson has been ordered to return to the superintendent; but I conceive that the 120 rifled muskets which the requisition called for ought not to be charged to the State, not having been received by her, nor the Hall Iles, which were issued in lieu of them without her knowledge or authority. Triplicate receipts for alleged issues at Harper's Wise have been presented for signature to this office, but have not yet been signed, for the reason that it does not yet appear to whom or where the arms were delivered or sent, and there is no trace of any order for them in the proper department here. These receipts are for 120 long-range rifles with sword attachment, 200 rifled muskets, and some fixed ammunition. None of these items, I conceive, can properly be charged against the State now, and if not I suppose the quota for the next year stands without a drawback.

I need scarcely say that all items of the account which may now be suspended for any cause will be fairly adjusted by the State authorities, and that any irregularity of issues which were certainly made to the officers of the State will not be used as an advantage or objection when those issues shall have been traced, which, owing to unavoidable circumstances, has not yet been done. No impediment to the request