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55 Series I Volume XXXVIII-IV Serial 75 - The Atlanta Campaign Part IV


the crest-roads leading to Vernell's Station, establishing strong outposts at the crossings and on the roads leading south from Varnell's Station, and will immediately open communication with our cavalry brigade will move in advance of the infantry column, and another will move down the road which leads near the railroad, scouting on all cross-roads between those on which the columns of infantry and cavalry move until it reaches the main road from Varnell's Station to Ringgold, when it will open communication with the heads of the infantry and cavalry columns and watch all roads leading south. Any important intelligence will be sent to the commanding general at the head of the infantry column or, in his absence from the head of the column, to Brigadier-General Cox, commanding Third Division. On the march the column must keep well closed up. Straggling will not be tolerated. The Engineer Battalion will move immediately in rear of the Third Division. The ordnance train will move in advance of all supply and baggage trains. The trains, i. e., the ordnance and engineer trains, will halt in the vicinity of Ellidge's Mill, and will remain there in park, under the immediate protection of the rear guard, until further orders. The general train will move to Burke's Mill as before directed. The commander of each division will send the customary guard with the train of his own division. Officers and men must carry on their persons or private horses four days' rations. The artillery will carry two days' forage on the caissons. Ambulances will accompany their proper commands. All other vehicles will move with the general train. In the absence of the chief quartermaster of the corps, Captain Stewart, chief quartermaster Third Division, will have general superintendence of all the trains. The train guards, while the trains are together, will be under the command of the senior officer present. One regiment of infantry from the Third Division and two squadrons of cavalry from Colonel [Dorr's] brigade will remain until further orders at this place, to protect the workmen engaged in rebuilding the railroad, and to cover the movement of supplies to the front. The commanding officer of the squadrons of cavalry will report to the commander of the infantry regiment for duty.

By command of Major-General Schofield:


Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.

In the Field, Camp near Gordon's Mills, Ga., Numbers 1.
May 6, 1864.

Brigadier-General Dodge will move, with his command, to-morrow morning at 6 o'clock on the road to Rock Spring Church, thence, by the Tavern road, to a point where the Gordon's Springs Gap road intersects it. Major-General Logan will move, with his command, at 7 a.m . to-morrow form his present camp through Crawfish Springs, and on the road from there to Rock Spring Church, crossing Chickamauga and Crawfish Creeks, and from there by Tavern road, to a point opposite Gordon's Springs Gap. If the road to Rock Spring Church, as indicated, is not practicable, then Major-General Logan with his command will follow Brigadier-General Dodge's command.

By order of Major General James B. McPherson:


Lieutenant Colonel and Provost-Marshal-General, Actg. Asst. Adjt. General