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118 Series I Volume LI-II Serial 108 - Supplements Part II

Page 118 MD., E. N. C. PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

their midst unless they should make some open demosntrations to resist the authorities of the Stae. It is further advised that the Governor appiont a colonel, lieutenant-colonel, major assitant quartermaster, assistant commissary and surgeon of volunteers, and that the field officers apointed be authorized to organize volunteer companies of cavalry, infantry, and riflemen to muster theminto the serive of the State, and to employ said companies in the defense of their countiese andin resisting all aggressions upon their rights from abroad, in the mode best calculated to secure the public peace and asfety. it is further advised that copies of the acts of the conventionof the State be sent to these counteis and that the attention of the military be distincitly called to the provisions of ordinanace authorizing the Governor to call out volunteers, from which it appears, that said volunteers are not to be under the commandof the militia officers of the Stae unless the militia be called into active service. The senior officer of volunteerse will command the battalion thus mustered into service, and will report fromtime to time as the exigencies may reqire, the condition of affairs in said counties to the Governor of Virginia.

Mr. Maury prposed to amend this by striking out the words "it is not deemed expeidient to make reprisals, to engage in any active military demonstrations, or" and inserting in place thereof "it is advised to act on the defensive and not."

A vote being taken on this amendment, Mr. Maury voted for it, the rest of the council against it.

The advice as first proposed was then unanimously adopted.

The council unanimously advised that the Governor detail one non-commissoned officer and a sufficient number of men from the public guard to protect and guard the arsenal at the Bellona Foundy, and that they be stationed there for that purpose.

It was proposed by Mr. Maury to advise the Governor to direct that measures be taken to provide for the payment of the interet on the State debt. This proposition was by the council laid over of rth epresent, in order that inquiry might first be made whether the e financial officers of the Staet may not alredy be taking the requisite steps to effect the object desired.

* * * * *

Proposals of D. T. Bisbie to furnish the following arms, deliverable in Havana, and to be paid for on delivery at the prices affixed, the arms to be of the regular standard quality; Two thousand five hundred Lapacheaux revolvers like sample furnished, at $17 each; 5,000 Enfield rifles, complte at $20 each; 2,500 cavalry sabers, complete at $8 each, 2,500 artillery sabers, at $7 each with insurance added; or the same arms delivered in Virginia free of all charges or risks whatever, at an advance of 22 per cent. on the prices named.

Advised unanimously that the proposition to furnish arms to be delivered within the State be accepted; the arms to be paid for upon their being inspected and approved by ofrficers to be appointed by the State, as being of the kind and quality named; provided that one-half of said arms be delivered on or before the 10th day of August next, and the balance on or befroe the 1st day of September following; and that there be included in such delivery 100 complte rounds for each piece, for which a fair compensation will be allowed.






Page 118 MD., E. N. C. PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.