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55 Series I Volume LI-II Serial 108 - Supplements Part II


The Governor submitted for advice a communication from C. R. Mason containing estimates of the cost of building and keeping in condition a railroad fromStrasburg to Winchester and suggesting, as what he deems a better plan, that troops and baggage may be transported in a few hours between those points in omnibuses and wagons, presenting also an estimate of the cost per month of that mode of traportation; Advised unanimously that this subject be referred tot the quartmaster- general of the army, as his duty under the ordinance of conventioncomprehends the trasportationof troops and supplies. The Governor nominated Robert J. Echols, W. Leigh Burton, and Thomas L. Preston for captains of volunteers: Advised unanimously that appointmens be made according tothis nomination.

The Governor further submitted for advice a communication from the Honorable John B. Floyd, who states that he has had constructed a breech- loading cannon, which, in his opinion, is a great improbvement on the ordinary field gun; that the experiments ade with it have been staisfactory, and completent officers have pronounced it the most superior gun of the sort yet constructed, decidedly superior tothe Armstrong gun. He proposes, ift he Ordnance Deaprtment will bear the expense, to have one or more constructed for the Starte: Advised unanimously that the colonel of ordnance ascertain what would be the probable cost of such experimental guns, the time required to preapre them, and whether they could be made in Richmond without interrupting the operations of establishments now engaged in service fore ht State.

A report from Charles Bell Gibson, surgeon- general, uponthe suggestion made by mr. Peyton Johnston, and referred tot he surgeon- general on Sunday last, inreference to the expediency of procuring speedily a supply of medicines and surgical instruments from Europe, approving that suggestion and advising that an agent be sent to Europe without delay for that purpose. The srgeon- general adeds that he will be prepared in twnty- four hours after the decision of the council to specify the instruments and medicines required and to recomend an agent: Advised unanimously that he surgeon- general be requested to make an estimate of what will be required and its probalbe cost; that he communicate with Baltimore by way of Harper's Ferry and telegraph to New Orleans, Charleston, and Savannah to ascertain how far his demand may be met at either of thiese places; and that he afterward confer with the Surgeon- General's Office of the Confederate States.

A communication signed Robert Southgate, senior surgeon, ex officio medical director, and dated from hospital department, norfolk Harbor, notifying to Dr. Edward G. Higginbotham his appointment as assistant surgeon to the Virginia forces, with the rank of first lieutenant. Advised unanimously that under the ordinance of convention surgeons and assistant surgeons are to be appointed by the Goveror by and with the consent of council






April 30, 1861.

All the arms ofte State in depot at Richmond, Lexington, or elsewhere, together with such as may be received fromall sources hereafter, are placed at the disposal of Major- General Lee, general- in- chief,