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28 Series I Volume XLIII-I Serial 90 - Shenandoah Valley Campaign Part I

Page 28 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.

was near Mount Jackson last night. The whole army is now moving forward. The country and small towns through this valley have a great many of the enemy's wounded.


Major-General, Commanding.

Lieutenant-General GRANT,

Commanding Armies of the United States.


September 24, 1864 - 11.30 p. m. (Received 26th.)

I have the honor to report that I drove the enemy from Mount Jackson to six miles beyond New Market without being able to bring on an engagement. The enemy moved rapidly. I have no cavalry present to hold them. General Torbert attacked Wickham's men at Luray, and captured 100 prisoners. I have found rebel hospitals in all the towns from Winchester up to this place, all containing a number of wounded. I am now eighty miles from Martinsburg, and find it exceedingly difficult to supply this army. the engagements of Winchester and fisher's Hill broke up my original plan of pushing up the Valley with a certain amount of supplies and then returning. There is no sufficient in the Valley to live off the country. I should have mentioned some days ago that Kershaw's division left for Richmond about the 16th or 17th of September. When I last heard from it it was at Sperryville. It is reported to me that it has returned to the Valley. No other troops have left Early, either of cavalry or infantry. Breckinridge has gone in person to command the Department of the Southwest.



Lieutenant-General GRANT.

HARRISONBURG, September 25, 1864 - 11.30 p. m.

(Received 27th.)

I pressed the enemy hard yesterday; at the same time pushed forward Colonel Powell's cavalry through Timbervile, and struck the Valley pike in his rear. This latter movement stampeded him so badly that late last evening he gave up the Valley pike and struck off toward Keexletown and Port Republic, leaving the entire valley way free. All my infantry arrived at Harrisonburg at 4 p. m. to-day. Colonel Powell's cavalry reached Mount Crawford to-night. Torbert's cavalry overtook me this evening. Its operations in the Luray Valley, on which I calculated so much, were an entire failure. They were held at Milford by two small brigades of Fitz Lee's cavalry, and then fell back toward Front royal until after they had learned of our success at Fisher's Hill. They then proceeded up the valley again, encountering the enemy's cavalry at Luray, capturing some 75 or 80 men and horses; then joined me, via New Market. Powell's cavalry whipped a portion of the enemy's cavalry near Harrisonburg yesterday; captured and burned 9 wagons. I find at this place 104 miles from Harper's Ferry. I will send a column of cavalry to Staunton to-morrow morning, and will probably follow the enemy in the direction of Port Republic with

Page 28 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., MD., AND PA. Chapter LV.