Today in History:

885 Series I Volume XII-II (Supp.) Serial 17 - Second Manassas Part II (Supplemental)


Question. Had the battle commenced when you delivered that order?

Answer. No, sir; as far as the corps was concerned.

Question. I do not speak of General Porter's connection with the battle, but I speak of the engagement between the other forces of General Pope and the enemy.

Answer. Yes,sir; in front.

Question. Was there not cannonading distinctly heard at the time?

Answer. There had been that morning.

Question. Was it not heard at the time you delivered the order?

Answer. I do not recollect that it was.

Question. You think you delivered it between 12 and 1 o'clock?

Answer. Toward 1 o'clock, I think.

Question. What do you suppose to have been the distance between the point where you found General Porter with his command and the left wing of General Pope's army?

Answer. I can form no idea.

The examination by the judge-advocate here closed.

Examination by the ACCUSED:

Question. You have spoken of an oral message which you took from the accused to General Pope, and of a written message. Will you state what were the contents of the written message, as far as you can remember?

Answer. I did not know what the contents of the written message were.

Question. Do you remember whether the written or the verbal message, one or both of them, contained information for General Pope as to the location of some of the troops?

Answer. Nothing was aid to me.

Question. Do you remember of having heard any conversation between General McDowell and the accused?

Answer. I did not hear the conversation.

Question. Or any part of it?

Answer. I did not hear it.

Question. What reason, if any, did the accused assign for sending the message of which you have spoken, that the might have written orders from General Pope?

Answer. He told me to tell General Pope that he had mentioned the orders he had received to General McDowell, who remarked that it was strange that he knew nothing of them, and that he, General Porter, thought there was evidently some confusion in the orders, and requested General Pope to give him written orders.

Question. Do you remember how the corps under command of the accused was moving at the time you received from the accused the message of which you have spoken?

Answer. I supposed they were moving on toward Centreville-in that direction.

Question. Do you know under what orders that movement was being made?

Answer. I do not; I supposed under orders from General Pope.