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882 Series I Volume XII-II (Supp.) Serial 17 - Second Manassas Part II (Supplemental)

Page 882 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. V.A, AND MD. Chapter XXIV.

of the way I went on that same road. it was very dark, and I know I got off the road two or three times, and was directed by the camp-fires in front of me.

Question. Recollect, if your can, if it was suggested to you by any one, and, if you can recollect, by whom, that there was a shorter road by which you could get back that the road that you had traveled?

Answer. I do not think any one said a word to me about it.

Question. When you started to carry the order, had you any personal knowledge of the roads?

Answer. I had not.

Question. Had you any one with you to point out the road that you should take to deliver the order?

Answer. I had not.

Question. In returning, had you any one to point out the road to you, except so far as the orderly may have known it?

Answer. I had not.

Question. When you started from General Pope with the order, did you know, and, if so, how did you know, where to find the accused?

Answer. I did not know exactly where I would find him. I was directed to go to a place which, if I had gone to it, would have brought me 2 or 3 miles in advance of General Porter.

Question. Who gave you that direction?

Answer. It was Colonel Ruggles. He pointed in the direction; he did not tell me any certain place to go to.

Question. You refer to Colonel Ruggles, of General Pope's staff?

Answer. He was then chief of General Popes' staff.

Question. What induced you to take a different direction from the one pointed out by Colonel Ruggles?

Answer. I could find no road to go directly to the place I was directed to without going through the woods, and I was afraid I could not find the place the; so I took this road, as my orderly had directed. He said that we could go as far as the railroad there, and we might meet some of General Porter's troops.

Question. Did you meet any of General Porter's troops until you got to the railroad? If so, how far from the road?

Answer. I do not think I met any until I first met General Porter.

Question. by what information were you enabled, not having the actual position of General Porter, to find him?

Answer. I inquired at the railroad. When I got to the railroad, I saw some stragglers, and I inquired if they knew anything about General Porter. It was an officer I inquired of. He said that General Porter was right straight ahead, on the other side of the railroad.

Question. What information had you that enabled you, upon leaving General Pope, to go int he exact direction, which you think you traveled, so as to strike the railroad at the point at which, or near which, you found the accused?

Answer. I was directed by my orderly that that road led across the railroad.

Examination by the COURT:

Question. At the time you delivered the order of 4.30 p. m. to General Porter, how far was the head of his column from the left flank of General Pope's forces?

Answer. I really do not know.

Page 882 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. V.A, AND MD. Chapter XXIV.