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191 Series I Volume XII-II Serial 16 - Second Manassas Part II

Page 191 Chapter XXIV. CEDAR MOUNTAIN, VA.

battery was not engaged. He himself acted for a time with the general commanding.

I have the honor to inclose herewith the reports of brigade, regimental, and battery commanders, to which the major-general commanding is referred for more minute detail, and a list* of killed and wounded of this division.

No one can estimate the loss his brigade, this division, the army has sustained in the early fall of Brigadier-General Winder. He was warmly beloved by all who knew him as a man and had the full confidence of his command as a soldier.

I beg leave, in conclusion, to allude to the gallantry of Major R. Snowden Andrews, chief of artillery, who was severely, and I fear mortally, wounded; to that of my adjutant-general, Captain William B. Pendleton, who was severely wounded, losing his leg; to Lieutenant Meade, aide-de-camp; of Major W. T. Taliaferro, volunteer aide-de-camp, who rendered me most efficient and important service, and to speak particularly of the gallant conduct of my orderly, a youth of sixteen, Private Clinton Depriest, Company H, Twenty-third Virginia Regiment.

It affords me pleasure to mention the efficient service in their department of the medical officers of the command. I beg to refer especially to Surgeon Coleman, Second Brigade; Surgeon Daily, Third Brigade, and Surgeon Black, First Brigade.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier General, C. S. Army, Commanding First Division, Valley Army.

Captain A. S. PENDLETON,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

No. 31. Report of Colonel Charles A. Ronald, Fourth Virginia Infantry, commanding First Brigade.


SIR: Before the brigade became engaged in the battle of Cedar Run, on Saturday, the 9th, Brigadier General Charles S. Winder was mortally wounded, whereupon the command devolved on me. In obedience to your order, therefore, I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by the First Brigade in the battle of Cedar Run, Culpeper County, on the 9th instant:

The following regiments constitute the brigade: The Fifth, Second, Fourth, Thirty-third, and Twenty-seventh Virginia, commanded on this occasion as follows: The Fifth by Major Williams, the Second by Lieutenant Colonel Lawson Botts, the Fourth by Lieutenant Colonel R. D. Gardner, the Thirty-third by Lieutenant Colonel Edwin G. Lee, and the Twenty-seventh by Captain Charles L. Haynes. Captains Carpenter's and Poague's batteries are attached.

The brigade bivouacked on the night of the 8th in Madison County on the road leading to Culpeper Court-House and about 1 mile from Madison Mills, on the Rapidan River.


*Embodied in No. 27.


Page 191 Chapter XXIV. CEDAR MOUNTAIN, VA.