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153 Series I Volume XII-II Serial 16 - Second Manassas Part II

Page 153 Chapter XXIV. CEDAR MOUNTAIN, VA.

was left by my order in charge of the camp of the brigade, and in forwarding supplies to the command, which had been without rations thirty hours, and in the organizing and sending to their regiments detachments who came in from the field, rendered important service to the brigade.

Brigade Surgeon Helmer also remained with me upon the field until a call was made for his professional services, since which time he has been unremitting in his attention to the wounded.

The complete list of killed, wounded, and missing is respectfully submitted.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

Major D. D. PERKINS,

A. A. A. G., Second Corps, Army of Virginia.

Return of Casualties in the First Brigade, First Division, Second Corps, at the battle of Cedar Mountain, August 9, 1862.

Killed. Wounded.

Command. Officers Enlisted Officers Enlisted

men men

5th Connecticut 3 18 8 63

10th Maine 2 22 5 140

28th New York 1 20 6 73

46th Pennsylvania 2 28 8 94

Total 8 88 27 370

Missing. Present in engagement.

Command. Officers Enlisted Officers Men


5th Connecticut 2 143 21 24

10th Maine 1 3 26 435

28th New York 10 103 18 339

46th Pennsylvania 8 104 23 481

Total 21 353 88 1,679

The greater proportion of those reported missing are supposed to be killed. The bodies found on the field were so much disfigured that recognition was impossible. This report embodies positive information only.


Brigadier-General, Commanding First Brigade.


Captain, Assistant Adjutant-General.

No. 9. Report of Colonel George L. Andrews, Second Massachusetts Infantry, Third Brigade.

Camp near Slaughter Mountain, August 11, 1862.

In compliance with orders from brigade headquarters I have the honor to submit the following report of the operations of the Second Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, August 9:

Page 153 Chapter XXIV. CEDAR MOUNTAIN, VA.