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131 Series I Volume XII-II Serial 16 - Second Manassas Part II

Page 131 Chapter XXIV. CEDAR MOUNTAIN, VA.

AUGUST 9, 1862.-Battle of Cedar Run, or Cedar (or Slaughter) Mountain, Va.


Numbers 1.- Major General John Pope, U. S. Army, commanding the Army of Virginia, with congratulatory orders.

Numbers 2.- Return of Casualties in the Union forces.

Numbers 3.- Colonel Samuel H. Allen, First Maine Cavalry.

Numbers 4.- Major Richard I. Falls, First Pennsylvania Cavalry.

Numbers 5.- Brigadier General Robert H. Milroy, U. S. Army, commanding Independent Brigade, First Corps, of operations August 8- 13.

Numbers 6.- Lieutenant William W. Rowley, Twenty-eight New York Infantry, Acting Signal Officer, Second Corps.

Numbers 7.- Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams, U. S. Army, commanding First Division, Second Corps.

Numbers 8.- Brigadier General Samuel W. Crawford, U. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 9.- Colonel George L. Andrews, Second Massachusetts Infantry, Third Brigade.

No. 10.- Colonel Silas Colgrove, Twenty-seventh Indiana Infantry.

No. 11.- Brigadier General Christopher C. Augur, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division.

No. 12.- Brigadier General John W. Geary, U. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

No. 13.- Captain Joseph M. Knap, Battery E, Pennsylvania Light Artillery.

No. 14.- Colonel John H. Patrick, Fifth Ohio Infantry.

No. 15.- Colonel William R. Creighton, Seventh Ohio Infantry.

No. 16.- Captain Wilbur F. Stevens, Twenty-ninth Ohio Infantry.

No. 17.- Colonel Charles Candy, Sixty-sixth Ohio Infantry.

No. 18.- Lieutenant Colonel Hector Tyndale, Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania Infantry, of reconnaissance to Thoroughfare Mountain.

No. 19.- Brigadier General Henry Prince, U. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 20.- Brigadier General James B. Ricketts, U. S. Army, commanding Second Division, Third Corps.

No. 21.- Major Davis Tillson, Chief of Artillery, Second Division.

No. 22.- Brigadier General Abram Duryea, U. S. Army, commanding First Brigade.

No. 23.- Brigadier General Zealous B. Tower, U. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 24.- Brigadier General George L. Hartsuff, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade.

No. 25.- Colonel Samuel S. Carroll, Eighth Ohio Infantry, commanding Fourth Brigade.

No. 26.- General Robert E. Lee, C. S. Army, commanding Army of Northern Virginia.

No. 27.- Surg. Lafayette Guild, C. S. Army, Medical Director, of the killed and wounded.

No. 28.- Major General Thomas J. Jackson, C. S. Army, commanding the Valley District, with congratulations from General Lee.

No. 29.- Colonel S. Crutchfield, C. S. Army, Chief of Artillery.

No. 30.- Brigadier General William B. Taliaferro, C. S. Army, commanding First Division.

No. 31.- Colonel Charles A. Ronald, Fourth Virginia Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

No. 32.- Lieutenant Colonel Lawson Botts, Second Virginia Infantry.

No. 33.- Lieutenant Colonel R. D. Gardner, Fourth Virginia Infantry.

No. 34.- Major H. J. Williams, Fifth Virginia Infantry.

No. 35.- Captain Charles L. Haynes, Twenty-seventh Virginia Infantry.

No. 36.- Lieutenant Colonel Edwin G. Lee, Thirty-third Virginia Infantry.

No. 37.- Lieutenant Colonel Thomas S. Garnett, Forty-eighth Virginia Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 38.- Captain W. A. Witcher, Twenty-first Virginia Infantry

No. 39.- Captain Abner Dobyns, Forty-second Virginia Infantry

Page 131 Chapter XXIV. CEDAR MOUNTAIN, VA.