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118 Series I Volume XII-II Serial 16 - Second Manassas Part II

Page 118 Chapter XXIV. OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD.

Raleigh. Guyandotte Mountain and Clear Fork cannot be passed by wagons in the present state of the road. This circumstance caused me to march back to Raleigh, being already two days without rations, notwithstanding the pressing demands of inhabitants to stay. The loss of the regiment on this expedition consist in 2 privates killed and 1 lieutenant and 7 privates missing (prisoners). One private has been left behind in Clear Fork for sickness, in the house of a Union man - George Canterbury.

I am, with all respect, yours,


Colonel Thirty-seventh Regiment Ohio Volunteers.

AUGUST 4-8, 1862.- Stuart's Expedition from Hanover Court-House to vicinity of Fredericksburg, Va.*

Reports of Major General James E. B. Stuart, C. S. Army, commanding Cavalry Division.


August 6, 1862.

I struck the enemy's line of march at this place, Massaponax Church, and Lee's brigade is charging his baggage train in both directions, capturing wagons and prisoners, who are thronging already my presence. Two brigades (Hatch's and Gibbon's), 6,000 men, and twelve pieces of artillery have gone toward Richmond on Telegraph road. Encamped at Gerald's mill, 12 miles from Fredericksburg, last night. Prisoners say Burnside is at Fredericksburg with 16,000, to follow on same route. One brigade went up by Spotsylvania Court-House last night. These facts are all corroborated by individuals separately questioned. Yankees say Hanover Court-House is their destination. I think Verdon and the Junction. Colonel Drake is in front of the enemy with First Virginia Cavalry, with one howitzer. He will delay their march. I will not trust course to paper. I send to Hanover Court-House to be telegraphed to Jackson and yourself.

The Ninth Virginia Cavalry, in advance yesterday, caught 11 Yankees near Port Royal. The First Virginia Cavalry caught 4 and wounded several while repulsing the enemy's cavalry in front. I will watch the enemy.



General LEE.


August 6, 1862. (Received August 7.)

I am on Telegraph road in rear of two brigades of enemy (Gibbon's and Hatch's), twelve pieces of artillery, and cavalry. I have thus far captured about 100 prisoners and 30 or 40 wagons and teams. I am pressing the enemy's rear and will harass him to the utmost. Burnside is reported by all hands to have arrived in Fredericksburg within two days, with 1,500 [?] to follow these. The brigades referred to had


* See also reports of expedition from Fredericksburg, etc., p.121.


Page 118 Chapter XXIV. OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD.