Today in History:

3 Series I Volume XIV- Serial 20 - Secessionville


Jan. 30, 1863.-Capture of U. S. steamer Isaac Smith in Stono River, S. C.

31, 1863.-Attack on blockading squadron off Charleston, S. C.

Affair on Bull Island, S. C.

Feb. 1, 1863.-Naval attack on Fort McAllister, Genesis Point, Ga.

18, 1863.-The South Carolina Militia called into service.

28, 1863.-Destruction of the Confederate steamer Nashville.

Naval attack on Fort McAllister, Ga.

March 3, 1863.-Naval attack on Fort McAllister, Fla.

9, 1863.-Skirmish near Saint Augustine, Fla.

Affair at fort McAllister, Ga.

10, 1863.-Union forces reoccupy Jacksonville, Fla.

20, 1863.-Affair in Saint Adnrew's Bay, Fla.

22, 1863.-Destruction of the steamer Georgian, off Charleston, S. C.

23-31, 1863.-Operations near Jacksonville, Fla.

24, 1863.-Affair in Ocklockonee Bay, Fla.

25, 1863.-Skirmish at Jacksonville, Fla.

27, 1863.-Skirmish at Palatka, Fla.

29, 1863.-Skirmish at Jacksonville, Fla.

31, 1863.-Jacksonville, Fla., evacuated by the Union forces.

April 7, 1863.-Engagement in Charleston Harbor, S. C.

9, 1863.-Destruction of steamer Georgia Washington, near Beaufort, S. C.

10, 1863.-Skirmish on Folly Island, S. C.

12, 1863.-Destruction of the steamer Stonewal Jackson.

27, 1863.-Affair at Murray's Inlet, S. C.

May 4, 1863.-Affair at Murray's Inlet, S. C.

18-21, 1863.-Torpedo operations in Skull Creek and skirmish on Pope's Island.

31, 1863.-Affair on James Island, S. C.

June 2, 1863.-Union raid on the Combahee River, S. C.

3, 1863.-Brigadier General Quincy A. Gillmore, U. S. Army, assigned temporarily to command of the Department of the South.

4, 1863.-Expedition from Fort Pulaski, Ga., to Bluffton, S. C.

8, 1863.-Affair near Brunswick, Ga.

11, 1863.-Attack on Darien, Ga.

11-13, 1863.-Operations on Little Folly Island, S. C.

APRIL 14, 1862.-Reconnaissance on Seabrook Island, S. C.

Report of Colonel Enoch Q. Fellows, Third New Hampshire Infantry.

Edisto Island, S. C., April 15, 1862.

LIEUTENANT: I have the honor to report the following for the information of the commanding general:

A reconnaissance on Seabrook Island was made yesterday under the cover the gunboat Pocahontas. The force consisted of a portion of the Third New Hampshire Volunteers and U. S. Marines from the Pocahontas, covering ground which had not been visited by us before, Pocahontas, covering ground which had not been visited by us before, and advancing within a mile of the village of Rockville. It is evident there has formerly been a large picket stationed on the island, but has been withdrawn, there being no evidence of any of late. The rebel picket can be seen at different points between Rockville and Church Flats. A reconnaissance will soon be made by the Pocahontas to