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967 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah



Savannah, GA., December 19, 1864.

1. The troops in and around Savannah will be transferred to-night to the left bank of the Savannah River, and will proceed thence to Hardeeville.

2. At dark the light batteries will, under the direction of Lieutenant-Colonel Jones, chief of artillery, be withdrawn by hand from their positions in line with as little noise as possible, and will be sent over the pontoon bridge to Hardeeville.

3. The troops at Whitemarsh, Forts Jackson and Bartow, will be assembled at Fort Jackson by 9 p. m., and thence will proceed at once, via Screven's Ferry, to Hardeeville.

4. The troops at Rosedew, Beaulieu, &c., will leave their positions at dark, and marching to Savannah, will cross at Screven's Ferry.

5. Major-General Wright's division will be withdrawn from lines at 8 p. m., and will pass the river on the pontoons.

6. Major-General McLaws' division will be drawn from its position at 10 p. m., and will cross the river on the pontoons.

7. Major-General Smith's division will be withdrawn at 11 o'clock, and will cross on the pontoons.

8. The lines of skirmishers will be left in position as follows: Wright's line until 10. 30 o'clock, McLaws' line until 12. 30 o'clock, Smith's line until 1 o'clock.

9. The pontoon bridges are placed in charge of Colonel Clarke, chief of engineers, who will destroy the bridges after all the troops shall have crossed; and to enable him to ascertain this the skirmishers of each division will be placed in charge of an intelligent staff officer, who will report to Colonel Clarke, at the pontoon bridge, when the skirmishers of their respective commands shall have passed the river.

10. The chief of artillery will take measures to have the heavy guns in position spiked, or otherwise render useless, as follows: On Wright's line at 10 o'clock, on McLaws' line at 11 o'clock, on Smith's line at 12 o'clock.

11. The ammunition will be destroyed by throwing it into the river, or otherwise, and not by blowing it up.

12. The guns on the inner line will be spiked or destroyed, and all powder in the city magazines will be made useless by having water thrown on it.

13. All wagons will be sent into the city in time to cross on the pontoon at dark.

By command of Lieutenant-General Hardee:

T. B. ROY,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

SAVANNAH, December 19, 1864.

Major-General McLAWS:

Have you a light battery you can spare for Wheeler, who is pressed by the enemy on the other side of the river near Izard's?