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107 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah


on a reconnaissance toward Griswoldville, Ga. We soon found the enemy in force, and deployed Companies A and B on the left of Ninety-seventh Indiana [as] skirmishers. Advanced and had a brisk skirmish, in which the enemy was driven before them through Griswoldville. Here our skirmishers were halted, and were soon withdrawn to an open field where two pieces of artillery were in position on the east side of the field. We took our position to the right of the Sixth Iowa, the Ninety-seventh Indiana on our right. Here we rested and at 1 p. M. the skirmishers were attacked by the enemy's advance and driven. A strong line was soon seen forming on the west side of the field, and advanced. At this time my regiment had no works for defense, but hastily constructed a small, temporary line of works and awaited the approaching enemy, who was advancing in column by brigades. As soon as they came within range of our muskets a most terrific fire was poured into their ranks, doing fearful execution. Still they moved forward to a ravine which ran in front of the line, within forty-five yards of the works. Here they attempted to reform their line again, but so destructive was our fire that they were compelled to retire. At one time it seemed that they would overcome our thin line, as our ammunition [was] nearly exhausted and none nearer than two miles, but fortunately a sufficient amount was procured, and our boys kept up a continual fire for nearly three hours, when skirmishers were sent for ward to capture any of the enemy left on the field. A few prisoners were brought in, besides a number of wounded. In our front were, by actual count, 51 of the enemy killed and wounded; 83 stand of small-arms were left in our hands and turned over to the ordnance officer. Our loss was 4 killed and 8 wounded. At 8 o'clock we received orders to be in readiness to move, and at 9 p. M. moved off the field and rejoined the division.

On the morning of the 23rd again resumed the march, and at 12 m. on the 24th camped at Irwinton, Ga. Here we laid over until the 25th, when we moved to the Oconee River, and crossed on the 26th of November.

On the 1st of December, with the command, we halted near the Ogeechee River. My regiment was ordered to the Ogeechee bridge, to hold it and burn the railroad at Station No. 8 1/2. Joined the brigade December 2 and crossed Scull's Creek, where we remained one day. December 3 [4], resumed our march. On the evening of the 6th camped and put up works; here we remained until early in the morning of the 8th of December, and again moved toward the Cannouchee River and camped within six miles of said river. On the 9th was ordered out on a reconnaissance; moved out some six miles to the right, and finding no enemy returned. December 10, moved across the Ogeechee River and up the canal nine miles of Savannah, and put up works. On the 11th of December heavy cannonading to our right. In the evening moved to the right, and here remained, doing duty with the brigade in supporting the First Wisconsin Battery and skirmishing with the enemy, until the morning of the 21st of December, when the enemy evacuated the city of Savannah, and we marched with the command to the city; since which time we have been on duty in the city.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, commanding 103rd Illinois Volunteers.

Captain O. J. FAST,

Actg. Asst. Adjt. General, 2nd Brigadier, 1st Div., 15th Army Corps.