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41 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah


the corps, following the direct route. Head of column reached Rocky Comfort Creek at 8. 30 a. M., but the bridge having been destroyed by the enemy, was unable to cross until in the afternoon. Encamped near Louisville, where the division remained until December 1.

December 1. -At 10 a. M. division moved from camp near Louisville, in company with General Kilpatrick's division of cavalry and went into camp at 5 p. M. on the bank of Buck Head Creek. During the day considerable skirmishing with the enemy's cavalry, with a loss on our side of 3 killed and 2 wounded.

December 2. -Met the enemy again at Rocky Creek at 10 a. M. posted behind strong barricades and disposed to dispute our crossing at the ford. The Seventy-fourth Indiana charged and dispersed them, and the division marched to the farm of Mr. ----and went into camp.

December 3. -Arrived at Thomas' Station, on the Savannah and Augusta Railroad, and during the night thoroughly destroyed several miles of railroad track.

December 4. -General Kilpatrick attacked the enemy's cavalry one mile from Thomas' Station and drove them in confusion through Waynesborough and two miles beyond. The division followed up and supported General Kilpatrick during the day, and then made a night march to Alexander.

December 5. -Reached Jacksonborough.

December 6. -Crossed Beaver Dam Creek and joined the other divisions of the corps.

December 7. -Late at night reached Sister's Ferry.

December 8. -Remained in camp during the day and had considerable skirmishing with the advance of the enemy's cavalry. Marched at midnight, and crossed Ebenezer Creek at 3 a. M. of the 9th.

December 10. -Encamped within twelve miles of Savannah, making short marches.

December 13. -Division encamped on the Louisville road, six miles from the city, where it remained until the 22d, at which time (the city having been evacuated on the night of the 20th) it was moved to a position still occupied half a mile from the town.

December 27. -Corps reviewed by Major-General Sherman.

First Brigade, Third Division.

November 1. -Brigade remained in camp near Rome, Ga.

November 2. -At 6 a. M. crossed the Etowah River, passing through Rome, marching on Kingston and Rome road; encamped for the night near Kingston.

November 3 to 11. -Remained in camp.

November 12. -Marched at 8 a. M. on Kingston and Marietta road, passing through Cartersville; encamped near Allatoona.

November 13. -Marched at 6. 30 a. M., passing through Allatoona; encamped near Big Shanty.

November 14. -Marched at 8 a. M., passing through Marietta; crossed the Chattahoochee River at Turner's Ferry.

November 15. -Marched at 6 a. M. ; arriving at Atlanta, encamped for the night.

November 16. -Marched at 11 a. M. to near Little Pine Mountain.

November 17. -Marched at 6 a. M., passing through Lithonia and Conyers, and tearing up one mile and three-quarters of railroad; encamped near Yellow River.