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40 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah

Page 40 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

December 20 and 21. -Enemy evacuated his works at night, retreating across Savannah River. Moved into camp at Savannah, Ga., on the 21st; remained to the end of the month.

Number of miles marched, 121.

First Brigade, Second Division.

November 1. -The brigade left Rome, Ga., and marched toward Atlanta, destroying the railroad as they went.

November 16. -Left Atlanta and marched by way of Decatur, Lithonia, Conyers, Covington, Milledgeville, Sandersville, and Fenn's Bridge to Louisville, Ga.

No engagement with the enemy during the month, except at Sandersville, from which town the rebel cavalry was driven out by skirmishers from this brigade and from the Twentieth Army Corps.

December 1. -Left Louisville, Ga., and marched east to the Savannah River.

December 11. -Arrived in front of Savannah. The brigade was posted near the Milledgeville road, only about 400 yards from the rebel batteries, but being covered by an impenetrable swamp and dense wood, suffered but little.

December 21. -After we evacuation of the place by the rebels moved camp nearer the town.

Third Brigade, Second Division.

December 1 found this brigade on the march to Savannah, Ga., which place it reached on or about the 13th. The brigade was not on the line during the investment of the city, but was held as reserve, furnishing all details for fatigue, forage, &c. When the enemy evacuated the city our camp was moved up to within two miles of the city, where we have remained in inactivity ever since.

Third Division.

November 2. -Division moved from camp near Rome, Ga., and arrived at 3 p. M. at Kingston, where it remained until the 12th.

November 12. -Took up the march for Atlanta, encamping first night three miles from Etowah River.

November 13. -Passed through Allatoona Gap; destroyed the railroad from Allatoona Creek to a point one mile beyond Acworth, and went into camp at Big Shanty.

November 14. -Division crossed the Chattahoochee.

November 15. -Marched through and encamped near the city of Atlanta.

November 16. -Marched through Decatur and marched as far as Snapfinger Creek.

November 17. -From this date the march was continued through Lithonia, Conyers, crossing Yellow River, through Covington, over the Ulcofauhachee, through Shady Dale.

November 23. -Reached the city of Milledgeville in the morning.

November 25. -From this place the division marched in the morning; crossed the Oconee and destroyed the bridge.

November 26. -Arrived at Sandersville.

November 27. -Division started for Louisville, taking the road to Fenn's Bridge, the First and Second Divisions, with all the trains of

Page 40 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.