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38 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah

Page 38 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.

November 21. -Crossed Oconee River and encamped on Town Creek; ten miles.

November 25. -No changes.

November 26. -Marched ten miles, crossing Buffalo Creek Swamp to Keg Creek.

November 27. -Marched through Sandersville toward Davisborough; eighteen miles.

November 28. -Passed Davisborough at noon; fourteen miles.

November 29. -Passed through Louisville; three miles.

November 30. -Marched seventeen miles to Mill Creek.

December 1. -On the march from Atlanta to Savannah. The march was continued daily until the 11th.

December 11. -The division was formed on the right of the Second Division, Fourteenth Army Corps, relieving two divisions of the Seventeenth Army Corps, which had thrown up works.

December 12. -The battery opened fire on the enemy's lines about 800 yards distant and continued firing daily. The firing was also kept up steadily on the picket-lines. No changes of importance were made in the lines until the 21st, when two regiments of the Third Brigade entered Savannah and returned to camp the same day.

December 22. -The division marched three miles and encamped near the city, where the troops remain at this date [December 31.].

Total distance marched, 125 miles.

Second Brigade, First Division.

November 15. -The Second Brigade was organized at Atlanta, Ga., in obedience to Special Orders, Numbers 16, from headquarters First Division, Fourteenth Army Corps, and J. H. Brigham, lieutenant-colonel Sixty-ninth Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry, placed in command.

November 16. -It left Atlanta, and up to the present time [November 30] marched about 200 miles, passing in its route through Decatur, Lithonia, Conyers, Covington, Sandersville, and Louisville. During the march the brigade was not in any engagement. The general health of the men has been good, only three having died up to the present time.

[December.]-During the month the brigade, in conjunction with the Army of Georgia, under General Sherman, marched from the vicinity of Louisville, passing through Sebastopol and Nasworthy, crossing Buck Head Creek, and striking the railroad at Lumpkin's Station, effectually destroying it. From this point the march was continued.

December 4. -Crossed Ebenezer Creek, passing near the remain of old Fort Greene, marching parallel with the Savannah River until within four miles of the city, when, passing to the right of the Twentieth Corps, the brigade, with the First Division, Fourteenth Army Corps, took up position on the 11th instant on the most advanced portion of the entire line, relieving a portion of the Seventeenth Corps. The enemy was in the immediate front, with strong works and an almost impassable swamp intervening. Cannonading and skirmishing was kept up, resulting in the wounding of Lieutenant Trask, Thirteenth Michigan Veteran Volunteer Infantry, and five enlisted men in the whole brigade.

December 19. -The brigade was relieved by the Third Brigade, First Division, Fourteenth Army Corps.

December 21. -The enemy having evacuated, the city was taken possession of.

Page 38 OPERATIONS IN S. C., GA., AND FLA. Chapter LVI.