Today in History:

35 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah


December 4. -Moved to Station Numbers 51/2 or Cameron Post-Office; fifteen miles.

December 5. -Moved to Little Ogeechee; ten miles.

December 6. -Laid in camp.

December 7. -Moved to Station Numbers 3; fifteen miles.

December 8. -Moved to Station Numbers 2; eleven miles.

December 9. -Moved to Pooler (Station Numbers 1.); ten miles.

December 10. -Moved to enemy's works around Savannah, six miles, and took up position.

December 11. -Moved to the right two miles.

December 12. -Moved farther to the right by a rear and roundabout road; marched twelve miles; took up a position and fortified.

December 13 to 20, inclusive. -Constructed forts and earth-works; also boats and portable bridges with which to cross the rice swamp in front of the enemy's works and make a charge, if possible. Sharpshooting constantly, and occasionally enlivening the Georgia militia with an artillery duel.

December 21. -At 4 a. M. discovered the enemy were evacuating and pushed for Savannah, Ga., eight miles distant, reaching that place at 6 a. M.

December 22 to 31, inclusive. -Remained in camp.

Total distance marched in month, 115 miles. Aggregate of marched in year: On foot, 1,561 miles; on steam-boat, 1,400 miles; on railroad, 1,200 miles; total, 4,161 miles.

Second Brigade, Third Division.

November 13. -This command left Camp Smyrna, Ga., forming part of the army under General Sherman, and took part in the move through the State of Georgia, destroying railroads, &c. ; met with little resistance from the enemy.

[December.]-During the past month this command has been on the move until the 10th of the month, at which date it arrived before Savannah, on the Augusta road.

December 11. -Were ordered to take position before the city on the Darien road, which position the command occupied until the surrender of the city, December 21.

During the remainder of the month the command was encamped at Fort Numbers 3, Savannah, Ga., furnishing regular picket and fatigue parties.

Fourth Division.

November 1. -The division marched on or about this date from Cave Spring with the Army of the Tennessee; arrived at Smyrna Camp-Ground, near Marietta, Ga.

November 6. -Moved to Marietta, Ga. Arriving at that place the Second Brigade, that had been on duty in that vicinity during the summer, joined the division and were consolidated with the First and Third Brigades. We remained at Marietta reorganizing and preparing for the campaign through Georgia until the 13th, when we moved toward Atlanta.

November 14. -Arrived at Atlanta.

November 15. -Started with the army on expedition to Savannah.

November 29. -Arrived at the Ogeechee, and crossed the river opposite Station Numbers 91/2 on the following morning.