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31 Series I Volume XLIV- Serial 92 - Savannah


November 13. -Marched twelve miles and encamped at White Hall, near Atlanta.

November 15. -Brigade marched with General Sherman's army; commenced campaign through Central Georgia; marched seventeen miles, encamping near Jonesborough.

November 16. -Marched sixteen miles and encamped at McDonough.

November 17. -Marched ten miles and encamped near Jackson.

November 18. -Marched seven miles, encamping at Iron Springs.

November 19. -Marched eleven miles; crossed the Ocmulgee River; encamped at midnight near Hillsborough.

November 20. -Marched nineteen miles, encamping near Clinton.

November 21. -Marched twelve miles; encamped in the field.

November 22. -Marched eight miles and encamped at Gordon. Company B, First Michigan Artillery, engaged in fight near Griswold. Casualties, 7 men wounded.

November 23. -Encamped at Gordon.

November 24. -Marched twelve miles, encamping at Irwinton.

November 25. -Marched thirteen miles and encamped near Oconee River. The Twelfth Wisconsin Battery skirmished with the enemy at the river.

November 26. -Crossed the Oconee River and marched nine miles; encamped at Irwin's Cross-Roads.

November 27. -In camp at Irwin's Cross-Roads.

November 28. -Marched sixteen miles, encamping in the field.

November 29. -Marched eighteen miles; encamped near Sutherland's Mills.

November 30. -Marched sixteen miles and encamped in the field near Ogeechee River.

Miles marched during the month, 257.

December 1. -Marched nine miles; encamped in field.

December 2. -Marched six miles; encamped in field.

December 3. -Remained in camp.

December 4. -Marched fifteen miles; encamped in field.

December 5. -Marched twenty miles; encamped in field.

December 6. -Remained in camp.

December 7. -Marched sixteen miles; encamped at Jenks' Bridge, on Ogeechee River. Company B, First Michigan Artillery, skirmished with the enemy at the river; enemy retired at night.

December 8. -Marched twelve miles; encamped at Eden Court-House.

December 9. -Marched three miles; encamped on Cannouchee River.

December 10. -Marched eighteen miles; encamped on Little Ogeechee River, near enemy's works, nine miles from Savannah, Ga.

December 11. -Batteries took position in rough works and engaged the enemy.

December 12. -Batteries actively engaged against enemy's works from this date until the 21st, when the city of Savannah was evacuated by the enemy; brigade marched nine miles, encamping in the city of Savannah. Battery H, First Missouri Artillery, and Battery H, First Illinois Artillery, had two men wounded.

December 15. -The Twelfth Wisconsin Battery had three men wounded.

December 23. -Brigade reviewed by Major General W. T. Sherman.

Brigade remained in camp in the city of Savannah during the balance of the month. Distance marched during the month, 108 miles.