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98 Series I Volume XL-III Serial 82 - Richmond, Petersburg Part III

Page 98 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.

to within a quarter of a mile of Reams' Station, where the passengers got out and walked to the station to take another train for Petersburg. At this point informant took to the woods and came into our cavalry on the Jerusalem plank road. He understood that the road was completed, save a few hundred yards, and that a train would run through this morning. At Stony Creek depot he reports a large force of cavalry, and understood Wade Hampton was in command; saw fortifications, rather extensive, but no infantry. Considerable cavalry on the road from Stony Creek to Reams' Station; well guarded at all points. No considerable amount of commissary stores at Stony Creek. Understood large quantities had arrived there and were taken by wagons to Petersburg. Informant is gentlemanly and intelligent, and undoubtedly has stated all, and no more than he has seen and believes to be true. Scout Carney returned this a. m. from a newly established depot on the Weldon railroad near the Steele farm, about one mile above Colonel Wyatt's place. Our agent there, a free negro, has lately been to Petersburg and reports nothing of importance. They have finished the Weldon railroad, and run a train through to Weldon last evening for the first time. The non-combatants of Petersburg are engaged, as informant says, "in making willow baskets for the sharpshooters." (Probably fascines.) Large numbers of them are being made, and he says, "they will fill them with dirt." Many of the citizens of Petersburg have left the city. Others have constructed bomb-proofs on their premises and intend remaining. All of which is respectfully forwarded.

Your obedient servant,


JULY 9, 1864.

Major B. F. FISHER,

Chief Signal Officer, Headquarters Army of the Potomac:

From rebel signal station at Archer's, 8.30 a. m.:

Colonel BRENT,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

One gun-boat above the bridge and one schooner below. No movements observed this a. m.

(Same to A. B.)


Lieutenant and Signal Officer.

NEAR JORDAN'S HOUSE, July 9, 1864-6 p. m.

Captain B. F. FISHER,

Chief Signal Officer, Army of the Potomac:

A train of sixty-five army wagons moved this p. m. in direction of Petersburg on Richmond and Petersburg road.


Captain and Acting Signal Officer.

PLANK ROAD SIGNAL STATION, July 9, 1864-7 p. m.

Major B. F. FISHER:

The enemy have been at work on their batteries both east and west of the plank read. A strong force has been engaged all day on their new line, beginning in rear of Gregory's house and extending to left.

Page 98 OPERATIONS IN SE. VA. AND N. C. Chapter LII.