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685 Series I Volume XXXIV-IV Serial 64 - Red River Campaign Part IV


him to me and also a private letter* from Governor Cortina to Honorable F. W. Latham, correct translations of both of which I have the honor herewith to transmit. You will perceive that the arrangement concerning the purchase of rifled cannon, arms, and ammunition, report in my last, can be consummated on most favorable terms whenever the major-general commanding may direct me so to do, and as soon as the funds or cotton for this purpose is provided. It is important that no time should be lost in securing articles most valuable to us, as events, thorough now unlooked for, may shortly prevent Governor Cortina from complying with his engagements.

You will see how important it is that Colonel Latham should be in Matamoras immediately, and if the original communication from Governor Cortina to him should not have reached him before falling in you hands. I respectfully safest the propriety of forwarding it to him without delay. In pursuance with arrangements previously reported, Vidal has crossed the Riop Grasnde with some 60 men, armed, mounted, and equipped; but for the rise in the river 400 others would have fine with him, carrying with them ten wagons and teams. The operations set on foot in pursuance of arrangements already reported are injuring the Yankees very much. The policy I have adopted of paying for everything in coin is producing its fruits. The present feeling in Tamaulpas is now more favorable to us than at any preceding period. In the event the French take full possession of that Statre, I have assurances that Governor Carolina, with a large proportion of his force, arms, munitions, &c., will cross to this bank. We shall leave this evening of the ranch Tampacuas. We expect to form a junction with Lieutenant-Colonel Showlter at the Como se Llama Ranch. So far as we can learn, the outposts of the enemy have been ordered into Brownsville.

Your very obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding.


MATAMORAS, June 11, 1864.

Colonel JOHN S. FORD,


COLONEL: You will receive from the letter I have the honor herewith to transmit that there exists the bast disposition to fully arrange the business be have spoken of. It requires only the presence of the custom-house collector, Latham, to carry it into effect; therefore, in case you desire to consummate this business, I hope that you will, as soon as possible, cause the said gentleman to [come] to this place, and rest assured that he can all guarantees he may desire. I only request of you this may be done as soon as possible, and that at all events you will let me know your resolve, as this is the only thing I am waiting for in this place.

I wish you success, and remain, your obedient servant,


NOTE.-The private letter hereinabove referred to has been forwarded to Colonel Latham. No copy retained.



* Not found.