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59 Series I Volume XXXIV-IV Serial 64 - Red River Campaign Part IV


It may, and I suppose will, be necessary to close the campaign, as far as Colonel Thomas' forces are concerned, somewhat sooner than we had expected, in order that he may have time to send the garrison destined for Devil's Lake, and establish that post before winter sets in. If you do not hear from me to the contrary please consider the above a part of your instructions. In case you can get stores up to the mouth of Long Lake so as to establish the post there, the forces destined for Devil's Lake can escort their supplies to that point, and be in good time to house themselves for the winter.

In the event you are not able to do more than accumulate at Long Lake the supplies necessary for the post to be established at that point you must notify me as soon as possible, and I will then try to have the necessary supplies sent to Devil's Lake from Minnesota. You will understand, general, that it is on all accounts desirable that the necessary stores for Devil's Lake be accumulated by you at Long Lake, as it will be exceedingly difficult and expensive to send them form Minnesota. I regret that the absolute necessities of the service south have somewhat cramped our summer operations, but we must do the best we can, and make up by additional zeal and activity for what we lose in force.

I am, general, respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major-General, Commanding.

WASHINGTON, May 27, 1864-3 p.m.

Major-General CANBY,

Mississippi River, via Caior, Ill.:

The Department of the Missouri has been added to your command, and General Rosecrans directed to obey your orders. He has to-day been directed to send down the river to you the Tenth Kansas Infantry, the Sixty-eighth U. S. Colored, the Twelfth Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, and the Seventh Kansas Cavalry. If the latter are not fully mounted, one or both regiments are to go as infantry. General Pope has sent by railroad to Cairo, to embark for lower Mississippi, the Sixth Minnesota Infantry.


Major-General, Chief of Staff.

Vicksburg, Miss., May 27, 1864.

Major General H. W. SLOCUM,

Commanding District of Vicksburg, Vicksburg, Miss.:

SIR: I have been assigned by the President, by the accompanying General Orders,* tot he command of the Division of West Mississippi, and, to enable me to control the military resources on the Mississippi River in carrying out my instructions, the troops on the east bank of that river have been placed under my orders, and are, for the purpose indicated, a part of my command. The information called for by the letter of the assistant inspector-general is necessary to enable me to judge understandingly how far I may use these troops in carrying out those instructions, and is one of the orders I am


*See Part III, p.490.