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55 Series I Volume XXXIV-IV Serial 64 - Red River Campaign Part IV


point should be complied with. Empori is the most flourishing and important town in Southwestern Kansas, and is the county seat of Lyon County. This county has furnished more men for the service in proportion to its population than any other county in the State, and hence has special claims to protection at this time. I hope you will find it compatible with the wants of the service in other sections of your department to grant the request of Messrs. Spicer, Stotler, and Heritage, who will wait upon you as a committee on the part of the citizens of Emporia and vicinity.

I remain, general, very truly, yours,



EMPORIA, KANS., May 23, 1864.

Major-General CURTIS,

Fort Leavenworth, Kans.:

SIR: The undersigned, citizens of Emporia, believe, with the people of this section of the State generally, that we are in some considerable danger from guerrilla bands from the south, who can, and no doubt will, unless measures are adopted to prevent it, make a raid into this portion of the Neosho Valley. Crossing the Arkansas a little west of Gibson (if not already across), they can follow the "divide" line between the Verdigris and Walnut and come within 40 miles or less without being discovered by any one, and then it would be an easy task for them to take us by surprise, as int he case of Lawrence.

The troops stationed at Le Roy and Humboldt could render but feeble assistance, in our judgment, they being so far east of this point that before they could be informed the guerrillas would have time to fall back to their dens. In consequence of what we conceive to be our defenseless condition, a meeting was held on Saturday evening last (21st instant), at which Messrs. Spicer, Stotler, and Heritage (the bearers of this) were appointed to wait upon you in behalf of the citizens here, present the matter fully to you, and request that, if possible, a company of troops from your command be stationed here for a time, who, by scouting and keeping watch of the country south and southwest of us, will at least be able to give us some warning of the approach of an enemy, and thus in part, if not wholly, afford such protection as we think loyal citizens are justly entitled to. We trust that this, together with what may be added by our committee, will receive the careful consideration of the commanding general of the department.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,



[And 54 others.]

FORT LYON, COLO. TER., May 26, 1864.

Lieutenant J. S. MAYNARD,

Actg. Asst. Adjt. General, Military District of Colorado:

SIR: I have the honor to state, for the information of the colonel commanding, that I am in receipt of dispatch of date May 23, 1864, from district headquarters, furnishing me with a copy of telegram from Major O'Brien, at Cottonwood. I would state that I have