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95 Series I Volume XXXIV-III Serial 63 - Red River Campaign Part III


of a mile, then started for a point of timber near and to the eastward of Lone Jack. Scouted through it thoroughly and went into camp at dark. Many people without permits are living about this point on the edge of the two counties.

April 8. - Broke camp at daylight, scouted through brush, and at 11 o'clock came out on the prairie 4 miles from Pleasant Hill. Being out of rations, went into Pleasant Hill to get breakfast for the men and forage for the horses; left at 12 m., and came by the most direct course through the prairie and brush to this station, arriving at 1 p. m. The command has traveled in all on this scout about 90 miles, and the brush has been thoroughly searched on the course of the march. The country in and about Round Prairie, Grey's, and Bone Hill is full of signs of the guerrillas, and they evidently have a crossing place on the Missouri River near Napoleon.

I am, captain, with great respect, your obedient servant,


Second Lieutenant Co. H, 2nd Colo. Cav., Commanding Detachment.

FAYETTEVILLE, April 8, 1864.

Brigadier-General SANBORN:

I have what I consider reliable information that a heavy raid is intended on this place within a few days at most. Small parties have been crossing the river for three weeks and are now concentrating. It is estimated that there are at least 1,500 rebels in the woods within 60 miles; rebels boast that there are 2,500. Do not fail to send me 300 guns at once by special train, with 50 rounds of ammunition to each gun, and send me all the troops you possibly can. I have only 7 companies here and but poorly armed, and out of them I am guarding stock and several mills. Do not fail to start them in the morning. Let the ordnance officer enter these articles on my last requisition. Give me the best arms you have.


Colonel, Commanding.

SAINT JOSEPH, MO., April 8, 1864.

Major-General ROSECRANS:

I have the honor to report myself as duly installed, with headquarters established in this city. Everything working well.



HDQRS. DIST. OF NORTH MISSOURI, No. 5. Saint Joseph, Mo., April 8, 1864.

In compliance with orders from Major-General Rosecrans I hereby assume command of the District of North Missouri, comprising that portion of the State lying north of the Missouri River. Headquarters of the district are established in the city of Saint Joseph.

The following staff officers are announced:

Captain George A. Holloway, assistant adjutant-general, U. S. Volunteers, assistant adjutant-general.