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79 Series I Volume XXXIV-III Serial 63 - Red River Campaign Part III


Ferry. General Thayer camped last night 5 miles this side of Caddo Creek, and will in all probability join by to-morrow night. Leaving here, I shall proceed direct to Camden with the whole force. Our supplies are limited, and must be renewed before proceeding farther. you will direct Captain B. O. Carr, chief quartermaster, to furnish the transportation for the following supplies: Thirty days' supplies of one-half rations of hard bread, one-quarter ration of bacon, and full ration of salt and coffee for 15,000 men; also sufficient transportation for the quartermaster's property, a list of which is also inclosed. You will give the needful directions to other department staff officers to get these supplies together. This train must be made up, using, if necessary, every wagon and mule at Little Rock. For such of the above supplies as can be procured at Pine Bluff, and transportation furnished there, you will direct Colonel Powel Clayton to make up a train and proceed from that point with such escort as he deems safe. The train from Little Rock will proceed by Benton, tulip, and Princeton, at which last place it will join Colonel Clayton's train. An escort to this train of at least 800 infantry will be furnished by Brigadier-General Kimball; he will also furnish a squadron of cavalry to act as advance and rear guard and picket. An alternative is permitted respecting the method of sending the train from Little Rock, if on consultation with General Kimball it shall be deemed most expedient, viz: Send the supplies by boats to Pine Bluff and the wagons by land, and have the whole thing leave Pine Bluff together. If this latter course is adopted only the infantry escort before named will be sent, as Colonel Clayton can furnish all cavalry needed. The course which will get the supplies to Camden quickest must be adopted. From the time you receive this I desire that not one moment, night or day, be lost until the trains are in motion, and then that Camden be reached as speedily as possible. I shall send a force from Camden to meet the trains. You have received all dispatches I have sent. Lieutenant Tabor, with his escort, less 5 men, arrived.

Very respectfully, yours, &c.,



LITTLE ROCK, ARK., April 7, 1864.

(Received 3 a. m., 15th.)

Major-General HALLECK:

Major-General Steele having gone toward Shreveport and left me in command of the troops in his department along and north of the Arkansas River, and I not being able to communicate with him for several days, I transmit the telegraph received by me this morning, and respectfully ask that orders may be given General Blunt and that I may be instructed:

Brigadier-General KIMBALL:

GENERAL: Captain M. S. Adams is the only commissary in this district, and chief and depot commissary, Captain Hamer, has reported to General Blunt, and was relieved from duty in this department and district before General Thayer left. Captain Durbin did the same and nothing can be obtained except by General Blunt's order. I have made application for transportation through General Blunt and was refused and insulted by allusions to generals in this department, and Captain