Today in History:

1100 Series I Volume XXXIV-II Serial 62 - Red River Campaign Part II


Sixth. Nichols' battery, Camp Lubbock.

Seventh. Greer's rocket battery, organizing at Houston.

Eighth. Christmas' battery, at San Antonio, organizing.

Ninth. Dashiell's battery, near Texana.

The following batteries are on the march to Louisiana: Valverde, Moseley's, Gibson's, and McMahan's.

I am, captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain and Assistant Chief of Artillery.

Houston, March 30, 1864.

Captain L. G. ALDRICH,

Assistant Adjutant-General:

I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of note 23rd instant, addressed to Brigadier-General Slaughter, chief of staff, by Colonel A. T. Rainey, commanding post of Galveston, and referred to these headquarters, relative to an order from district headquarters which reiterates orders previously issued as to the disposition by the commanding general of all steamers and vessels in the rivers and bayous upon the coast of Texas. In reply to Colonel Rainey's communication I most respectfully say that I am fully aware of the necessities of the post of Galveston and how far the business of the command requires the services of either a steamer, sail-vessel, harbor police, or dispatch boats. So far the officers of the Marine Department have never interfered with the demand of the quartermaster at that post, nor the requirements of its commanding officer; but on the contrary, at Galveston as elsewhere, the utmost energy has been made by myself and the officers of this department to facilitate the business I deemed incumbent upon it to perform.

Colonel Rainey writes thus:

I would respectfully suggest that such an order would produce the most inextricable confusion, for under said order not only the post quartermaster, but the commanding officer, if a boat is desired to transport troops from Galveston to Bolivar Point, Pelican Spit, or elsewhere, or to carry subsistence and forage to said point, must first apply to Commodore Smith or to one of his subordinates in charge, he being in Houston. * * *

In view of the "inextricable confusion" Colonel Rainey anticipates would result in carrying out the order placing all the boats, &c., under my control, I am desirous to know, if a reason exists, why this "confusion" has not been discovered previous to the time anticipated by Colonel Rainey, as the boats have for one year and a half been under the control of the Marine Department, and I have yet to learn of any demand for their services by the quartermaster and commanding officer of the post of Galveston not being promptly and well attended to, as also Engineer Department.

In regard to the demands of the commanding officers of that post for a "dispatch or flag-of-truce boat," I most respectfully state that the schooner Lecompt has been, and is now, at the disposal of that command for that purpose, and lying at the city of Galveston ready at all times to perform that duty. I am fully aware of the erroneous impression conveyed to Colonel Rainey by interested and ambitious parties in regard to this question, and desire to convey to him my assurance that at all times, when the weather permits and it does not