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1046 Series I Volume XXXIV-I Serial 61 - Red River Campaign Part I


JUNE 23 - 5 p. m.

A refugee tat was captured yesterday has just returned. He reports that the enemy were 600 strong, and that their loss was 24, killed and wounded, including 1 lieutenant, who is now in our hands. I had but 48 effective men in the engagement. The rebels through we were 1,000 strong. It is my informant's impression that they intend to attack again soon. We must have re-enforcements immediately or leave the island.

Yours, &c.,


Captain, Commanding.

Brigadier-General BUFORD,

Commanding at Helena.

Numbers 4. Reports of Brigadier General Eugene A. Carr, U. S. Army.

CLARENDON, June 26, 1864.

We did not reach this place till 9 o'clock this morning, owing to Captain Grace reporting the battery still here, and an accident to the Tyler, which partially disabled her. Found only a squad in Clarendon, but upon throwing out pickets found the enemy in the direction of Pikeville, a small place 1 1/2 miles from Claredon, where the Helena and Cotton Plant roads fork. Advanced and drove away and now occupy Pikeville, the enemy in the woods beyond, and Colonel Graves has just reported that his skirmishers cannot drive him out, and that his battery is there, but I expected as soon as we advance again he will leave as before.

The men are very much exhausted, being unused to skirmishing and the heat being very oppressive, and after fixing the enemy on the Cotton Plant road, I ordered a halt to rest, reorganize the skirmish line, and write this report.

I propose to move on this afternoon and push him with all my force, but can plainly see that he is practicing his old tricks, and that only some favorable accident will enable me to take his guns. He has four guns, but how strong he is in number of men I cannot say. I would be glad to have a force sent to Augusta to march out and cut him off. There are two battalions of cavalry at Devall's Bluff. My own force is 1,000 less than I anticipated. I have only 750 mounted men and the footmen are ensued to skirmishing or marching. I will order Colonel Mizne to issue the 100 horses now on the Kate Hart to dismounted men of Colonel Geiger's regiment and send to Clarendon by first boat, to follow and join me. They can bring any order the general may wish to send, and I need them very much. Please make it right with the quartermaster's department. The news from Bayou Bartholomew will be given you by Captain Bache. i have no other. From what is said by passengers on the Kate Hart, general A. J. Smith appears to have left Memphis with the intention of opening the road to Corinth, which will occupy all his force. General Buford appears to have gone onto the island at the month of White River to defend it. This is from the captain of the Kate Hart, Who is confident of its truth. Lieutenant-