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1040 Series I Volume XXXIV-I Serial 61 - Red River Campaign Part I


JUNE 20-23, 1864.- Scouts from Lewisburg, ark.

Report of Colonel Abraham H. Ryan, Third Arkansas Cavalry (Union).

LEWISBURG, June 23, 1864.

Lieutenant Carr returned at noon from scout to Norristown, Doverm Glass Village, &c. After leaving Dover he detached sergeant and 10 men and sent them back to the place. They run onto 20 of Jackaway's gang and chased them to the hills, where they escaped. Lieutenant Carr reports the country he passed through comparatively quiet. A scout of 4 men of Company D killed 2 of Hill's gang, who have been burning our boats between Galley Rock and Norristown. They captured a so-called Union man who has been in the habit of feeding bushwhackers; also captured 5 horses.


Colonel, Commanding Post.

Captain A. H. DYER,

Assistant Adjutant-General.

JUNE 20-24, 1864.- Scout from Cassville, Mo., to Cross Holow, &c., Ark.


Numbers 1.- Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Cameron, Second Arkansas Cavalry (Union).

Numbers 2.- Captain James L. Powell, Second Arkansas Cavalry (Union).

Numbers 1. Report of Lieutenant Colonel Hugh Cameron, Second Arkansas Cavalry (Union).

Cassville, June 26, 1864.

GENERAL: I have the honor to send herewith report of James L. Powell, captain Company F, Second Arkansas Cavalry, and the following report: On the evening of the 23rd, I was informed by citizens that the Todd family was making a demonstration in the neighborhood below, near the edge of Stone County, on Flat Creek. I sent with the citizens 4 enlisted men of Company I, Second Arkansas cavalry (Benjamin F. Lee, John B. Jones, Alexander L. Harris, and Andrew J. Chanceller), with instructions to take the Todds, it being represented that there were only 2 of them, deserters from the First Arkansas Cavalry. My men, arrived some time before daylight, June 24, and waited for the Todds to come to their breakfast, concealing themselves in the brush near the house. The Todds came and gained the house before my boys could arrest them. They, however, divided into two squads, 4 soldiers in one and 1 soldier and 3 citizens in the other, the entire force being made up of 4 of the Second Arkansas Cavalry, 1 of the First Arkansas Cavalry, and 3 citizens and moved up on different sides of the house. My men were refused admittance and fired upon from the house. Result: Killed, Alexander L. Harris. private Company I, Second Arkansas Cavalry, and wounded, the 3 Todds, farther and 2 sons. The case was promptly reported, and I sent an ambulance after the dead and wounded, with proper escort. In the mean time Lieutenant Garner, Company B,