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119 Series I Volume XXXIV-I Serial 61 - Red River Campaign Part I


with them, 473 head of horses and 3,000 head of sheep. All seemed contented and desirous of leaving a country where they say they have no rest. Those here now are also desirous of leaving for the Bosque. If all have not come in the scouting parties which will be sent out will, I trust, very soon induce them do do so.

The party brought in by Captain McCabe, who was sent from this post on the 27th of last month, are undoubtedly a part of the band which has infested the road between this post and Fort Wingate. I shall take especial pains to see that all this party are disposed of. I have the honor to inclose herewith a copy of Captain McCabe's report, which explains itself.

Since the 20th of last month 126 Indians have died at this post, making, with those just sent to the Bosque, a reduction of 2,264 Navajoies from the population of the country. This, I am satisfied, is a larger number than could have been continued. The truce which I extended to them expired on the first of this month, and Captain McCabe was in the field to convince them of the fact. I shall keep as many troops in the field as practicable until further orders. As a matter of necessary, I sent nearly all my transportation to the river with the Indians, who had to be fed, and the longer they stayed here the lowe they reduced my commissariat. Those here now will be sent to the river within ten days. I have sufficient transportation on hand now to enable me to push the war vigorously in this vicinity. In this country men re-enlisting cannot get the benefits of the furlough granted to veteran volunteers in the States. For that reason I directed Captain Thompson to proceed to he Bosque with the veteran volunteers as a reward to them, and to compensate for the furlough which it is impossible to grant them in this county. I trust that my policy and manner of conducting operations against the Navajoes since the departure of Colonel Carson will meet with the approval of the department commander.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Captain, Thirteenth Infantry, Commanding.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Numbers 2. Report of Captain Francis McCabe, First New Mexico Cavalry, of operations in New Mexico.

FORT CONBY, N. MEX., March 4, 1864.

SIR: I have the honor to report that I left this post on the 27th ultimo with a command consisting of 3 sergeants, 5 corporals, and 42 privates of Company L, First New Mexico Cavalry, rationed for ten days, pursuant to Post Orders, No.-, dated Fort Canby, N. Mex., February 26, 1864. On reporting to Captain A. B. Carey, commanding officer, I received verbal instructions to proceed to Fort Fauntleroy with my command, and on my arrival to select from among the party at the mail station some man possessing a sufficient knowledge of the country in that vicinity who could me in search of an