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115 Series I Volume XXXIV-I Serial 61 - Red River Campaign Part I


We were on the march in good time, and arrived at Couch's about 10 a. m., but Freeman was not there, and now we could see wherein Freeman had out generale us, and instead of going to Couch's had gone some place else. We halted here for dinner, and then resumed our march. About 8 miles farther on we saw 2 men mount and run. We pursued and shot both of them. They were dressed in Federal uniform. We marched on to Thomasville and camped for the night, having marched 23 miles. 13th.-Marched to James Harris', on Turkey Oak, and camped; marched 18 miles. 14th.-This day was spent in gathering together families to move north, and in scouting through the neighborhood. 15.-Marched to Eaton's, on Jack's Fork; distance, 20 miles. 16th.-We left a guard with the teams and came into Houston without making any further discoveries; distance, 22 miles. 17th.-Started in search of some rebels said to be on Possum Creek; found no signs, and camped at the house of Mr. Coats;marched 20 miles. 18th.-Marched down Possum to Joe Harris' place. Learned here that the guerrilla Bill Coats had been the night before at a house on Hamilton Creek. We learned that Coats had moved his camp to Big Piney. We went across to Piney, near James Johnson's place, and there scattered through the hills, hoping that some one of us might come upon the camp. We found nothing however, and all camped together at Smiley's Mill; marched 24 miles. 19th.-We scouted on Piney and Possum, but found nothing; camped at Jos. Gladdon's place; distance, 20 miles.

20th.-We marched to Numbers 1. on Piney; distance, 18 miles. 21st.-Marche to camp at Houston without making any discoveries worthy of note. 22nd.-We started in the direction of Waynesville; marched to Kivott's; distance, 20 miles. 23rd.-Went to Waynesville and reported to Major Fischer; 18 miles. 24th.-Started up Roubidoux; marched to Finley's; 15 miles. 25th.-Marched up the Roubidoux some 20 miles, and for want of forage were obliged to march to Houston, being 40 miles from Finley's farm. 26th.-Started for Rolla in the evening, and marched 8 miles. 27th.-Marched 30 miles and camped. 28th.-Arrived in Rolla safe and sound. 29th.-Reported to commanding officer District of Rolla.




Chief of Scouts.

March 2, 1864.

Left Rolla on the 1st of February, 1864, under orders to report to Major Fischer, commanding post at Waynesville. Reported to that officer on the 2nd, and received orders the same day, and in company with 5 men, under command of Lieutenant Bates, of Company E, Fifth Regiment Missouri State Militia, marched north of Waynesville some 6 miles. Learned here that the guerrillas, whom we wee in search of, had gone in a southwest direction. We pursued them into Texas County, near the farm of one Lowe, on the Roubidoux. About sunrise on the second day after we left camp we ran into the camp of some 16 or 18 guerrillas, commanded by the notorious outlaw Frank Smith. We charged on the camp and routed them completely; killed 7 men and captured 7 horses, saddles, and bridles,