Today in History:

7 Series I Volume XXXIV-I Serial 61 - Red River Campaign Part I


May 28, 1864.-Skirmish near Little Rock, Ark.

Skirmish at Washington, Ark.

Attack on Pest House, opposite Port Hudson, La.

29, 1864.-Skirmish on Bayou Fordoche Road, La.

Capture of wagon train at Salem, Ark.

30-31, 1864.-Skirmishes on Mill and Honey Creeks, Mo.

30-June 5, 1864.-Expedition from Morganza to the Atchafalaya, La., and skirmishes near Livonia and Morganza.

June 1, 1864.-Skirmish near Arnoldsville and raid on New Market, Mo.

3, 1864.-Skirmish at Searcy, Ark.

Skirmish near Neosho, Mo.

3-5, 1864.-Scout from Sedalia to the Blackwater River, Mo.

4, 1864.-Affair at Hudson's Crossing, Neosho River, Ind. Ter.

4-17, 1864.-Scouts from Huntersville and Clinton, Ark.

5, 1864.-Skirmish at Worthington's Landing, Ark.

5-9, 1864.-Scout from Warrensburg to the North Blackwater River, Mo.

5-12, 1864.-Scout from Forsyth through Ozark and Douglas Counties, Mo.

6, 1864.-Engagement at Old River Lake, or Lake Chicot, Ark.

Skirmish at Bealer's Ferry, Little Red River, Ark.

7, 1864.-Skirmish at Sunnyside Landing, Ark.

Affair at Sikeston, Mo.

Raid on New Frankfort, Mo.

8, 1864.-Engagement at Simsport, La.

8-19, 1864.-Scout on the Osage and in its vicinity.

9, 1864.-Affair near Breckinridge, Mo.

9-14, 1864.-Scout from Cassville, Mo., to Cross Hollow, Ark.

10, 1864.-Major General John G. Walker, C. S. Army, assigned to command of the District of West Louisiana, vice Major General Richard Taylor, relieved.

Affair near Saint James, Mo.

Skirmish at Lewisburg, Ark.

10-15, 1864.-Scout from Sedalia to Renick's Farm, Mo.

10-23, 1864.-Operations in the District of Central Missouri.

11, 1864.-The Thirteenth Army Corps discontinued.

Skirmish at Ridgeley, Mo.

12, 1864.-Affair at Montevallo, Mo.

Raid on Calhoum, Mo.

Skirmish near Kingsville, Mo.

13-16, 1864.-Scout from Fort Leavenworth, Kans., to Weston, Mo.

14, 1864.-Raid on Melville, Mo.

Skirmish near Lexington, Mo.

14-16, 1864.-Scouts from Pleasant Hill, Mo.

15, 1864.-Skirmish near White Hare, Mo.

Union evacuation of Pass Cavallo, Tex.

15-16, 1864.-Capture of the steamer J. R. Williams, Arkansas River, and skirmish at San Bois Creek, Ind. Ter.

15-17, 1864.-Attack on Union gun-boats at Ratliff's (15th), Como (15th and 16th), and Magnolia Landings (16th), and skirmish (17th) at Newport Cross-Roads, La.