Today in History:

3 Series I Volume XXXIV-I Serial 61 - Red River Campaign Part I


Feb. 12-20, 1864.-Expedition from Batesville, Ark., after Freman's command.

13-14, 1864.-Expedition from Helena up the Saint Francis River, Ark.

14, 1864.-Skirmish at Ross' Landing, Ark.

Skirmish at Scott's Farm, Washita Cove, Ark.

15, 1864.-Skirmish at Saline River, Ark.

Affair near Charleston, Mo.

16, 1864.-Skirmish at Indian Bay, Ark.

Skirmish at Caddo Gap, Ark.

17, 1864.-Skirmish at Black's Mill, Ark.

Skirmish at Horse Head Creek, Ark.

18, 1864.-Affair near headwaters of the Piney, Mo.

19, 1864.-Skirmish at Grossetete, La.

Skirmish near Independence, Mo.

Capture of wagon train at Waugh's farm, near Batesville, Ark.

20-26, 1864.-Expedition from Helena up White River, Ark.

22, 1864.-Skirmish at Luna Landing, Ark.

Skirmish at Lexington, Mo.

Affair near Indianola, Tex.

22-24, 1864.-Operations about Warrensburg, Mo.

23, 1864.-Major General John A. McClernand, U. S. Army, resumes command of the Thirteenth Army Corps.

23-Mar. 9, 1864.-Scout from Sprinfield, Mo., into Northern Arkansas, and skirmishes near Buffalo City (March 1) and at Bennett's Bayou (March 2).

24-29, 1864.-Scout from Camp Mimbers, N. Mex.

27, 1864.-Affair near Poplar Bluff, Mo.

Skirmish at Pinos Altos, Ariz.

29-Mar. 13, 1864.-Expedition from Rolla, Mo., to Batesville, Ark.

Mar. 1, 1864.-Skirmish at Cedar Glade, Ark.

1-4, 1864.-Operations on the Ouachita River, La., including actions at Trinity and Harrisonburg.

3, 1864.-Skirmishes at Jackson and near Baton Rouge, La.

6, 1864.-Skirmish at Flint Creek, Ark.

8, 1864.-Skirmish near Baton Rouge, La.

Skirmish at Cypress Creek, La.

10-12, 1864.-Expedition from Batesville to Wild Haws, Strawberry Creek, &c., Ark.

10-May 22, 1864.-The Red River (Louisiana) Campaign.

13, 1864.-Skirmish at Carrollton, Ark.

Skirmish at Los Patricios, Tex.

13-26, 1864.-Scouts from Yellville to Buffalo River, Ark.

14, 1864.-Skirmish at Hopefield, Ark.

15, 1864.-Skirmish at Clarendon, Ark.

15-21, 1864.-Scout from Batesville to West Point, Grand Glaize, Searcy Landing, &c., Ark.

16, 1864.-Major General Sterling Price, C. S. Army, supersedes Lieutenant General Theophilus H. Holmes in command of the District of Arkansas.

Skirmish at Santa Rosa, Tex.

16-25, 1864.-Scout from Pilot Knob, Mo., to the Arkansas line, and skirmishes.

17, 1864.-Affair at Corpus Christi, Tex.

17-April 1, 1864.-Scout from Lebanon, Mo., into Northern Arkansas, and skirmishes.