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12 Series I Volume XLI-I Serial 83 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part I


regiment,made a raid into Searcy, Ark., and killed 7 rebels, wounded 4, and captured 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, and 53 men,who were organized for General Shelby's command. They also captured 12 horses and mules, 15 stand of arms, and 1 stand of colors.

6th, Lieutenant Mason, Third Arkansas Cavalry, returned to Lewisburg from a scout to Norristown, having captured 3 deserters and destroyed 5 flats and skiffs.

10th, a scouting party, consisting of one lieutenant and twenty men of the Tenth Illinois Cavalry Volunteers, ran into a small party of Confederates about twenty miles north of Little Rock, killing and wounding 4 and taking 1 prisoner.

11th, Lieutenant Treadway, Third Arkansas Cavalry, returned to Lewisburg from scout to near Devil's Fork, having killed rebel Captain Christopher and 1 man.

12th, Captain Gill, Third Arkansas Cavalry Volunteers, returned to Lewisburg,having had a fight with Captain Adams' company on the Arkansas River near Petit Jean [10th], in which he killed 2 and wounded several of the enemy.

14th, a battalion of the Fourth Arkansas Cavalry returned from scout through Saline, Hot Springs, and Montgomery Counties. Fought with small bands of the enemy daily until arriving at Farr's Mill. Captain Green, with twenty-five men of this battalion, engaged Cook's and Crawford's companies, numbering about 100 men, drove them and killed 4 and wounded 6 of the enemy, without a single accident happening to his men. The battalion lost, during the expedition, 1 private killed, Captain Quin and Lieutenant Spiva and 6 privates wounded, and 3 men missing.

17th, Lieutenant Williams, Third Arkansas Cavalry, returned to Lewisburg from scout to Norristown, Dover, &c., having killed 3 bushwhackers and 2 horses on the Arkansas River below Norristown.

22nd, Captain Taylor, Third Arkansas Cavalry, returned to Lewisburg, from scout to Red River, having killed 4 of the enemy. Major L. K. Thacher, Ninth Kansas Cavalry, while on a scout fifteen miles northwest of Pine Bluff, surprised the camp of Captain Lightfoot, of Cabell's command, wounding 1 man, capturing 2 horses, 3 guns, and a large amount of provisions and medical stores, which he destroyed.

24th, Lieutenant Reynolds, Third Arkansas Cavalry Volunteers, returned to Lewisburg from scout eight miles beyond Camp Myrick, having killed 10 of Jackman's road Shelby's men and bringing in 3 prisoners.

25th, a scouting party from the Third Missouri Cavalry, under command of Captain Ing, proceeded to Benton, Ark., and charging into the town Private George W. Lucas, Company C, Third Missouri Cavalry,pursued and killed the rebel Brigadier General George M. Holt, Arkansas militia, capturing his arms and horse.

25th, a reconnoitering party, consisting of 360 men of the Fifty-sixth and Sixtieth U. S. Colored Infantry and one section of Lembke's colored battery, the whole under command of Colonel W. S. Brooks, Fifty-sixth U. S. Colored Infantry, moved from Helena in the direction of Wallace's Ferry, on Big Creek, with the view of ascertaining the designs and force of the enemy. At the same time 150 men of the Fifteenth Illinois Cavalry Volunteers, under command of Major Carmichael, dropped down the Mississippi River on board a steamer, and landing at a point below Old Town, marched in the direction of Simm's Ferry, on