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11 Series I Volume XLI-I Serial 83 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part I


JULY 1-31, 1864.- Operations in Arkansas.*


July 4, 1864.- Skirmish in Searcy County.

6, 1864.- Skirmish near Benton.

7, 1864.- Skirmish at Van Buren.

8, 1864.- Skirmish near Huntersville.

10, 1864.- Skirmish near Little Rock.

Skirmish near Petit Jean.

14, 1864.- Action at Bayou Des Arc.

22, 1864.- Skirmish near Pine Bluff.

25, 1864.- Affair at Benton.

26, 1864.- Action at Wallace's Ferry, Big Creek.

27, 1864.- Action at Massard Prairie, near Fort Smith.

31, 1864.- Action near Fort Smith.


No. 1.- Major General Frederick Steele, U. S. Army,commanding the Department of Arkansas.

No. 2.- Colonel Abraham H. Ryan, Third Arkansas Cavalry (Union).

No. 3.- Major Thaddeus S. Clarkson, Third Arkansas Cavalry (Union).

No. 4.- Colonel James Stuart, Tenth Illinois Cavalry.

No. 5.- Captain David H. Wilson, Tenth Illinois Cavalry.

No. 6.- Brigadier General Napoleon B. Buford, U. S. Army, commanding District of Eastern Arkansas.

No. 7.- Lieutenant Colonel Moses Reed, Fifty-sixth U. S. Colored Troops.

No. 8.- Major Eagleton Carmichael, Fifteenth Illinois Cavalry.

No. 9.- Lieutenant Harmon T. Chappel, Battery E, Second U. S. Colored Light Artillery.

No. 10.- Brigadier General John M. Thayer, U. S. Army, commanding District of the Frontier.

No. 11.- Lieutenant Jacob Morehead, Sixth Kansas Cavalry.

No. 12.- Lieutenant Levi F. Stewart, Sixth Kansas Cavalry.

No. 13.- Brigadier General Joseph O. Shelby, C. S. Army.

No. 14.- Major General Samuel B. Maxey, C. S. Army.

No. 15.- Brigadier General Douglas H. Cooper, C. S. Army.

No. 1. Report of Major General Frederick Steele, U. S. Army, commanding the Department of Arkansas.

HEADQUARTERS DEPARTMENT OF ARKANSAS, ETC., Little Rock, Ark., August 15, 1864.

Record of military operations in the Department of Arkansas for the month of July, 1864:

4th, a party of fifty-five men, of the Third Arkansas Cavalry volunteers, from Lewisburg, under command of Captain Hamilton, of that


*See also skirmish near Brownsville, July 13,p.68, reconnaissance from Pine Bluff, July 13,p.68; expedition from Helena to Buck Island, July 13-16, p.69; skirmish on the Benton road, near Little Rock, July 19, p.87; operations on the White River, July 19-25, p.87; scout in Yell County, July 25-August 11,p.131; scout to Searcy and West Point, July 26-28, p.174; skirmish at Hay Station No. 3, July 30,p.183; and skirmish near Pine Bluff, July 30,p.183.