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8 Series I Volume XLI-I Serial 83 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part I


Nov. 6-8, 1864.- Expedition from Vicksburg, Miss., to Gaines' Landing and Bayou Macon, La.*

6-16, 1864.- Affair at Fort Lyon, Colo. Ter.

9-15, 1864.- Scout from Devall's Bluff to Searcy and Clinton, Ark.

10, 1864.- Skirmish at Neosho, Mo.

11-21, 1864.- Scout from Springfield, Mo., to Huntsville and Yelville, Ark., with skirmishes.

12, 1864.- Skirmish near Centreville, Mo.

13, 1864.- Skirmish with Indians at Ash Creek, near Fort Larned, Kans.

13-16, 1864.- Scout in Pemiscot County, Mo., with skirmish.

14, 1864.- Skirmish on Cow Creek, Kans.

15, 1864.- Skirmish at Clinton, La.

16-18, 1864.- Scout from Devall's Bluff to West Point, Ark., with skirmishes.

16-23, 1864.- Expedition from Brookfield to Brunswick, Keytesville, and Salisbury, Mo.

16-25, 1864.- Expedition from Cape Girardeau to Patterson, Wayne County, Mo., with skirmishes at Reeves' Mill (19th), and at Buckskull, Randolph County, Ark. (20th).

17-19, 1864.- Expedition from Brashear City to Bayou Portage, La., with skirmish (18th) at Lake Fausse Pointe, La.

18, 1864.- Skirmish at Fayette, Mo.

19-27, 1864.- Expedition from Terre Bonne to Bayou Grand Caillou, La., with affair (23d) at Bayou Grand Caillou.

20, 1864.- Skirmish with Indians near Fort Zarah, Kans.

21-30, 1864.- Operations in the vicinity of Fulton, Mo., with skirmish (28th), near Fulton.

22-24, 1864.- Scout from Devall's Bluff to Augusta, Ark.

23, 1864.- Skirmishes at Morganza, La.

23-December 10, 1864.- Expedition from Fort Wingate against Indians in New Mexico, with skirmish (December 1) on the Red River.

24, 1864.- Skirmish at Saint Charles, Ark.

25, 1864.- Affair at Raccourci, near Williamsport, La.

Engagement with Indians at Adobe Fort, on the Canadian River, N. Mex.

26, 1864.- Skirmish at Osage, Mo.

27-30, 1864.- Scout from Little Rock to Benton, Ark.

28, 1864.- The Department of Mississippi created, and Major General Napoleon J. T. Dana, U. S. Army, assigned to its command.

Skirmish on Cow Creek, Kans.

29, 1864.- Skirmish at Doyal's Plantation, La.

Attack on the steamer Alamo, on the Arkansas River, near Dardanelle, Ark.

Engagement with Indians on Sand Creek, Colo. Ter.

29-December 3, 1864.- Scout from Warrensburg to the Greenton Valley, Mo.

December 1, 1864.- Skirmish near Cypress Creek, Perry County, Ark.

1-3, 1864.- Operations in the vicinity of Waynesville, Mo., with skirmish (2nd) on the Big Piney.

1-5, 1864.- Expedition from Helena, Ark.,to Friar's Point, Miss.


*For report, see Vol. XXXIX, Part I, p.899.