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6 Series I Volume XLI-I Serial 83 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part I


Sept. 11-30, 1864.- Expedition from Fort Rice, Dak. Ter.,to relieve Captain Fisk's emigrant train.

12, 1864.- Skirmish at Caledonia, Mo.

12-15, 1864.- Scout from Fayetteville to Huntsville, Ark., with skirmish (14th) at Rodger's Crossing of the White River.

13, 1864.- Skirmish near Searcy, Ark.

Skirmish at Longwood, Mo.

13-17, 1864.- Expedition from Morganza to Fausse River, La., with skirmishes near Bayou Maringouin (13th), near Rosedale (15th), and near Bayou Maringouin (16th).

14, 1864.- Skirmish at Bullitt's Bayou, La.

14-21, 1864.- Scout in Texas County, Mo., with skirmish (18th) at Thomasville, Mo.

15-19, 1864.- Operations in Randolph, Howard, and Boone Counties, Mo., with skirmish (16th) at Columbia.

16-25, 1864.- Operations in the vicinity of Morganza, La., with skirmishes at Williamsport (16th),at the Atchafalaya River (17th), and at Bayou Alabama and Morgan's Ferry (20th).

18, 1864.- Skirmish near Lexington, Mo.

18-Oct.5, 1864.- Scout on the Cimarron River, in Northeastern New Mexico.

20-25, 1864.- Scout in La Fayette County, Mo., with skirmish (23d) on the Arrow Rock Road.

21, 1864.- Affair near Council Grove, Kans.

22, 1864.- Skirmish at Carthage Mo.

Skirmish near Longwood, Mo.

22-28, 1864.- Scout from Helena to Alligator Bayou, Ark.

23, 1864.- Affair near Fort Smith, Ark.

Major General Stephen A. Hurlbut, U. S. Army, assumes command of the Department of the Gulf.

25, 1864.- Skirmish at Walnut Creek, Kans.

25-Oct.13, 1864.- Expedition from Little Rock to Fort Smith, Ark., with skirmishes at Clarksville (September 28), at White Oak Creek (September 29), and at Clarksville (October 9).

26, 1864.- Skirmish at Vache Grass, Ark.

Skirmish at Osage Mission, Kans.

26-30, 1864.- Expedition from Napoleonville to Grand River and Bayou Pigeon, La.

26-Oct.30, 1864.-Expedition from Natchez, Miss., to Waterproof and Sicily Island, La.

28, 1864.- Skirmish in Polk County, Mo.

29-Nov.30, 1864.- Operations against Indians in Nebraska and Colorado.

30, 1864.- Skirmish at Waynesville, Mo.

-, 1864.- Capture of the steamer Ike Davis.

Oct. 1-4, 1864.- Scout from Helena to Alligator Bayou, Ark.

1-31, 1864.- Operations in Arkansas.

1-Nov.27, 1864.- Expedition from Fort Craig, N. Mex., to Fort Goodwin, Ariz. Ter.

2-8, 1864.- Expeditions to the Amite River, New River, and Bayou Manchac, La.


*For report, see Vol. XXXIX, Part I, p.572.