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4 Series I Volume XLI-I Serial 83 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part I


August 13-22, 1864.- Operations in La Fayette, Saline,and Howard Counties, Mo., with skirmishes.

15, 1864.- Skirmish at Dripping Spring, Mo.

15-21, 1864.- Expedition from Paincourtville to Lake Natchez, La., with skirmish on Grand River.

15-24, 1864.- Operations in Southwest Missouri and Northwestern Arkansas, with skirmishes at Carrollton, Ark. (15th), on Richland Creek, Ark. (16th), and at Mud Town, Ark.(24th).

16, 1864.- Skirmish at Columbia, Mo.

Skirmish with Indians near Smoky Hill Crossing, Kans.

17, 1864.- Capture of the steamer Miller, on the Arkansas River, and Pine Bluff, Ark.

18, 1864.- Skirmish at Benton, Ark.

Skirmishes near Pine Bluff, Ark.

19-24, 1864.- Scout on the Republican River, Kans.

20, 1864.- Skirmish near Rocheport, Mo.

21, 1864.- Skirmish at Diamond Grove, Mo.

21-27, 1864.- Expedition in Washington and Benton Counties, Ark., with skirmishes.

22, 1864.- Skirmish in Yell County, Ark.

22-25, 1864.- Scout from Helena to Mount Vernon, Ark.

22-30, 1864.- Operations in La Fayette County, Mo.

23, 1864.- Affair at Webster, Mo.

23-26, 1864.- Scout from Ozark, Mo., to Dubuque Crossing and Sugar Loaf Prairie.

23-28, 1864.- Expedition from Cassville, Mo., to Fayetteville, Ark., with skirmish (24th) at Gerald Mountain, Ark.

23-29, 1864.- Expedition to Clinton, La., with skirmishes (25th) at Olive Branch and the Comite River.

24, 1864.- Skirmish on Gunter's Prairie, Ind. Ter.

Action at Ashley's and Jones' Station, near Devall's Bluff, Ark.

25, 1864.- Skirmishes at Morgan's Ferry and on the Atchafalaya River, La.

25-29, 1864.- Scouts in Jackson and Cass Counties, Mo., with skirmish (26th) near Pleasant Hill.

25-30, 1864.- Scout in Platte County, Mo.

Scout to Crisp's Mill, on Big Creek, Mo., with skirmish near Rose Hill.

Operations on the Texas Prairie, in Jackson County, Mo.

26-31, 1864.- Skirmish near Bayou Tensas (26th), and expedition from Goodrich's Landing to Bayou Macon, La. (28th-31st).

27, 1864.- Skirmish at Fayetteville, Ark.

27-28, 1864.- Scout on the Arkansas River, near Pine Bluff, Ark., with skirmishes.

27-Sept.6, 1864.- Expeditions from Little Rock and Devall's Bluff to Searcy, Fairview, and Augusta, Ark.

28, 1864.- Skirmish at Fayetteville, Ark.

Skirmish near Rocheport, Mo.

Skirmish in Polk County, Mo.

29, 1864.- Attack on Steamer White Cloud, on the Mississippi River, near Port Hudson, La.

29-Sept.3, 1864.- Expedition up White River from Helena, Ark., with affair (September 3) at Kendal's Grist-Mill, Ark.