Today in History:

2 Series I Volume XLI-I Serial 83 - Price's Missouri Expedition Part I


July 13, 1864.- Skirmish near Brownsville, Ark.

Reconnaissance from Pine Bluff, Ark.

13-16, 1864.- Expedition from Helena, Ark., to Buck Island, in the Mississippi River.

14, 1864.- Skirmish near Bloomfield, Mo.

15, 1864.- Affair at Lindley, Grundy County, Mo.

17-18, 1864.- Expedition from Baton Rouge to Davison's Ford, near Clinton, La.

17-28, 1864.- Scout on the South Platte River, Colo. Ter.

18-21, 1864.- Scout in Shannon County, Mo.

18-23, 1864.- Operations in Southwest Missouri, with skirmishes near Maysville, Ark. (20th),and near Carthage, Mo. (21st).

18-August 6, 1864.- Operations in Southeast Missouri and Northeastern Arkansas with skirmishes at Scatterville, Ark. (July 28), at Osceola, Ark. (August 2), and at Elk Chute, Mo. (August 4).

18-August 7, 1864.- Expedition to the Pinal Mountains, Ariz. Ter.

19, 1864.- Skirmish on the Benton road, near Little Rock, Ark.

Attack on Webster, Washington County, Mo.

19-25, 1864.- Operations on the White River, Ark., and attack (24th) on the steamer Clara Bell.

20-31, 1864.- Operations in La Fayette and Johnson Counties, Mo., with skirmishes.

21, 1864.- Skirmish at Atchafalaya, La.

22, 1864.- Skirmish near Vidalia, La.

Skirmish at Concordia, La.

Skirmish in Wright County, Mo.

22-August 22, 1864.- Attempt to transfer Confederate troops to the east bank of the Mississippi River.

23-24, 1864.- Operations in Randolph County, Mo., with skirmishes at Allen (23d),and at Huntsville (24th).

23-Oct.10, 1864.- Expedition to Southwestern New Mexico.

25, 1864.- Skirmish at Pleasant Hill, Mo.

25-26, 1864.- Scout from Fulton, Mo.

25-August 11, 1864.- Scout in Yell County, Ark., with skirmishes.

25-Oct.8, 1864.- Expedition against Sioux Indians in Dakota Territory.

26, 1864.- Attack on Shelbina, Mo.

26-28, 1864.- Scout to Searcy and West Point, Ark.

26-31, 1864.- Scout in Johnson County, Mo.

27-28, 1864.- Skirmishes on the Blackwater River (27th),and on Big Creek, Mo. (28th).

27-30, 1864.- Scout in Chariton County, Mo., with skirmishes (30th) on the Chariton road, near Keytesville, and at Union Church.

28, 1864.- Skirmish on the Morgan's Ferry road, near Morganza, La.

29, 1864.- Affair at Highland Stockade, near Baton Rouge, La.

Skirmishes near Napoleonville, La.

29-August 2, 1864.- Expedition form Warrensburg to Chapel Hill, Mo., with skirmish (July 30) near Chapel Hill.

30, 1864.- Skirmish at Bayou Tensas, La.

Skirmish at Hay Station No. 3, near Brownsville, Ark.

Skirmish near Pine Bluff, Ark.

Reoccupation of Brownsville, Tex., by the Confederate Forces.

30-August 1, 1864.- Scout in Phelps and Maries Counties, Mo.

31, 1864.- Affair at Orange Grove, near Donaldsonville, La.