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100 Series I Volume XLVIII-I Serial 101 - Powder River Expedition Part I


FEBRUARY 6-8, 1865. - Operations in Ozark County, Mo.

Report of Captain Moses L. Alsup, Forty-sixth Missouri Infantry.


Douglas County, Mo., February 12, 1865.

GENERAL: I have the honor to state to you, general, that on the morning of the 6th I started a detachment consisting of twenty-three men, under command of Lieutenant Alsup. On the night of the 7th he camped at the residence of James Martin, in Ozark County, Mo. On the 7th he fell in with two of Tracy's and one of Elliott's guerrillas, who were immediately placed hors de combat. We found in their possession one Savage revolver one single-barrel shotgun. They all had bountiful supplies of subsistence, which we effectually destroyed. Our pickets were fired on the same night but with no effect. On our return on the 8th we were fired on from the brush by one man. Owing to that region being infested by straggling bands of guerrillas I shall start another scout immediately. Lieutenant Alsup reports finding the remains of three citizens of Ozark County, captured in November by guerrillas and supposed to have been murdered by them. Their names were James Martin, sr. John Allcorn, and John Coil, all good loyal men and too old for the service.

I have the honor to subscribe myself, very respectfully, yours,


Captain Commanding Company H, Forty-sixth Reft. Missouri Infty. Vols.

Brigadier General J. B. SANBORN

Commanding District of Southwest Missouri.

FEBRUARY 7-10, 1865. - Scouts from Morganza to Fausse River and Grossetete Bayou, La.


Numbers 1. - Brigadier General Daniel Ullmann, U. S. Army.

Numbers 2. - Colonel Morgan H. Chrysler, Second New York Veteran Cavalry.

Numbers 1. Report of Brigadier General Daniel Ullmann, U. S. Army, HEADQUARTERS U. S. FORCES, Morganza, La., February 12, 1865.

CAPTAIN: I have the honor to transmit for the information of the major-general commanding a report of a scout made by my order by detachments of the Second New York Veteran Cavalry. Learning on the 8th instant that the enemy was exhibiting unusual activity in the direction of Fausee River and Grossetete Bayou, I directed Colonel Chrysler, commanding Second New York Veteran Cavalry, to send out detachments to reconnoiter on the several roads. You will find the general result in his report. I have since been informed that the enemy was punished more than we at first supposed, quite a number being wounded and one certainly dead. Captain Ratliff has been seriously injured by a fall from his horses in escaping. Some small re-enforcements have lately crossed the Atchafalaya, which have spread